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 BleachLife RPG Plot

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Shinzui Debiru
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PostSubject: BleachLife RPG Plot   BleachLife RPG Plot Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 6:13 am

In a new age at about 2000 years after the ichigo storyline. among the worlds of Earth, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. There is a balance among the races that we have seen and we have known in Bleach. From being outcasts and being thrown out into the real world, they were accepted back into the Soul Society. The Vaizard were somewhat given their home back. The shinigami knew they needed to establish peace among the races but they were reluctant to do so. Not giving them their full rank as shinigami,they were given vaizard quarters off in the Seiretei. Wondering if they should eitherfight or have a friendly discussion to get their full powers as shinigami back in the Soul Society, the hatred may or may not come out. The shinigami trying to make establish peace among the races are doing all they can. Even so, the vaizard are doing their own thing at their quarters without telling the shinigami. Do the shinigami know? Although something differnetly is happening down at Earth. The Superhumans and Quincy's hatred for the hollows are bursting out of them rapidly. Forming an alliance, the Superhumans and Quincy meet together in Karakura finding ways to make a garganta. At the same time, the Superhumans and Quincy are trying to get the Bountou on their side to destroy the arrancar. The bountou havn't declined or accepted. Then, who knows, will a shinigami rogue give the superhumans and the quincy a garganta? Will the shinigami and vaizard maintain peace in the seiretei? Will the bountou join the Superhumans on their question to destroy the arrancar?Then what will the arrancar do? Who knows?

It's all up to you!!!
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BleachLife RPG Plot
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