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 Kuroudou The 9th div captain

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Kuroudou Akabane
9th Division Captain
Kuroudou Akabane

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PostSubject: Kuroudou The 9th div captain   Kuroudou The 9th div captain Icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 12:42 am

Name: Kuroudou Akabane

Race: Shinigami

Age: 350

Visual Age: 25

Gender: Male

Division: 9th Division Captain

Personality: A strong hearted person. He's very quiet to anyone who talks to him. He polite to those he likes and is very hard headed. He calm in battle even though the odds are against him and is a well tactician sometimes. He doesn't care about who in charge or who is higher up, he'll defy them unless he has no choice to follow orders.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Food, reading and Women
Dislikes: routine, really dumb people

Appearance: Kuroudou The 9th div captain Warrior-1

History/Background: Kuroudou Akabane was born into well off family in soul society, his father worked for the Kuchiki noble clan, Kuroudou was the older of two brothers, his younger brother Kizumi Yaito always admired and looked up to him, this caused him to always want to be like Kuroudou, which pulled Kuroudou into teaching,their bonds grew after that and became close, one day Yaito fell ill,Namaro brushed it off at first,but Yaito slowly grew worse,it was later found out that his disease was fatal and would have only a few more weeks to live, Kuroudou treasured those moments, he never experienced true emotional pain until Yaito died.

This pain was very extreme, causing him to gain a very high Reiatsu, he was taken to an academy, where he trained every day, matching his fitness with his intelligence, he excelled on the battle field just more than in his academics,he was then offered to be taken in by Ukitake Jyuushiro, starting off as the lowest in the 13th division, Kuroudou worked his way up,his personality helping him,also Academics and fighting ,even discovering the name of his sword along the way,He was taught in the art of kido and shunpo,mastering shunpo he was known as 'the silent tiger ,he later became captain of the ninth division.

Rp Sample:

Kuroudou stood still on the battle field,his opponents sword was drawn yet Kuroudou hadn't even touched his sword, his opponent charged, Kuroudou remained silent and calm, his opponent grew closer, Kuroudou closed his eyes, letting his ears become the main sense, they picked up a movement coming from the side, at the last moment he took a step back, the blade appearing where his body should have been,his opponent was stunned, Kuroudou used that to his advantage,grabbing his sword hand he positioned his other hand under his opponents armpit and brought him forward, flipping him onto his back,using the man's swordhand to bring the blade close to his adam's apple,"wanna try again", he asked smiling, he was in training,yet another success for him, he was kneeling so he stood up, dropping the man's sword on his lap.

" Kuroudou you bastard", his opponent smiled getting up,"I was the one that used that move on you, you copied", he said running to catch up,"is that so?", Kuroudou said with a lopsided smile,"well next time you better make a counter for your move", he joked, he made his way home for a shower,training back when he was young was exciting, now that he was captain, it seemed dull almost boring, he knew his enemies moves like his favourite book,he had almost never unsheathed his sword and his zan was getting irritated at not being used,I keep you for a worthy opponent , he had told it after defeating and reaching Bankai, they were both bored.
He needed a mission, something to spice his life a little, He looked up at the sun, now there would be a whole day of signing papers, meetings,he wondered how Kaien put up with this, then he realised that Ukitake's job must be harder, sighing he drew his sword and looked at it, it gleamed in the sunlight,"I will use you", he told it,"I promise I will", he then sheathed the weapon.

"Hey Kuroudou, get a move on, we don't have all day y'know",called one of his friends, Kuroudou realised he had been left behind,he caught up with them as they walked away from the training grounds.
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Shinzui Debiru
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Shinzui Debiru

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PostSubject: Re: Kuroudou The 9th div captain   Kuroudou The 9th div captain Icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 12:43 am

unless said otherwise, approved.
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Kuroudou The 9th div captain
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