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 Toxicity of Our City

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Salbei/1st Bounto

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PostSubject: Toxicity of Our City   Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:13 am



Gender:Manly male


Visual Age:mid to late twenties

Personality:Toxicity is a man of few words,but when he speaks he tends to say something of importance to somebody.He carries a philosophy that all life is sacred and important,whether it be for doing something to change the world or becoming his next meal.Toxicity likes to drag out fights in order to get to know the person he's fighting,he finds people's life stories fascinating.Especially those of humans,they have so much to tell of such a short amount of years.If Toxicity isn't happy,then he's thinking about something.But on the few occasions where he gets mad,he becomes a beast out for blood.He believes that to disrupt someone's peace is punishable by death,unless that person can't kill you.Thereby justifying his own habits.

Likes and Dislikes:Toxicity loves to read poetry and think about the mortality of humans and wonder about his own immortality.He loves the taste of a good cigarette and a fine wine,.His favorite taste is the souls of young women who he lures into his chambers and devours.His biggest pleasure is to go "shopping" for suits and fast cars.

Appearance:Toxicity is a man who stands at a height of 6'1 yet is surprisingly skinny.He dresses in designer suits that he never pays for(usually in the color of white or purple) and covers his hands with black gloves.His purple hair is shoulder length and tends to attract a lot of attention.Or it could be the white mask that he usually wheres on his face.The mask is designed to be a crying smiley face and almost never leaves its place to cover the sharp features of Toxicity's face.

The covered face is comprised of a small,pointy nose that is curved downward,like the beak of a hawk and eyes of a pale gray color.His mouth is usually a grim line unless he is in the middle of a murder,when he grins from ear to ear and his sharp,canine-like teeth are exposed.

History:Toxicity was one o the first bounts to be made by the 12th Division long ago and was shipped out to the real world with the rest of them.He lived his early life in Spain,in the mountains where no one would be bothered by his long life.He farmed the land for grapes to sell for the making of wine and every 50 years or so,he would change the first name he went by,so people would think that the old farmer had died and his son took over.

But soon,he was approached by Kariya to join the Bounto movement and he accepted when the strange man told him of the power of the dolls.He stayed in the army long enough to spawn his doll and master it before sneaking off in the middle of the night to see the world.Toxicity had no interest in seeking revenge upon the shinigami,after all,they gave him life.If anything he felt indebted to them for the gesture.He wandered the globe,studying with different philosophers and scientists.Training with different swordsmen and aquiring a taste for the rich life.But he knew he could never live in a city for too long in his mansions before the towns people got suspicious.So he went from town to town,stealing the goods of the rich and disappearing into the caves to horde his loot.

Everything worked out fine,he would sell goods when he got to new countries and keep moving,until,in the 20th century, he reached Japan.The island nation was perfect for him,he would live somewhere then hop to a different island every few years.But it wasn't long before he reached Karakura town and got in touch with some shinigami who kept him informed of the goings on of the spirit world.through these contacts,he learned of the slaughtering of the Bounto long ago and the recent Bounto uprising led by Kariya that resulted in the near extinction of the Bounto.

The slaughter of his whole race was enough to set Toxicity off.he settled down in Karakura Town and began his mission to avenge the Bounto race,through any means.

Rp Sample:(This is something recent I posted on another site,hope that's okay)
Kurotsuki's mind was completely clear.The only thought that ran through it was the thought of where he was going.Walking in he deep eternal blackness that was the gateway for Arrancar to travel between worlds.Within a minute,a bright white line formed in front of Kurotsuki,opening up like a mouth that spat Kurotsuki out in the center of Downtown Karakura.It bustled with busy little ants that scurried about with no real aim in life.Such foolish creatures,these humans.They couldn't understand their own mortality,their short lifespans and their delusions of a never-ending life made them lead such trivial lives.

Disgusting... Kurotsuki thought to himself as he watched the creatures scurry from above them.They couldn't even see their killer;such oblivious cretins!They deserved to die!Kurotsuki lifted his hands and held them out to his sides,large purple orbs formed in his hands and pulsed as they grew larger and larger.His hate for these insects grew with each passing second that he watched them and the orbs grew in power,electricity skipped across each orb as they grew to the size of large boulders and enveloped his hands as he took aim at the largest building on the block.An LCD screen adorned it's face with an ad for some acne cream or something like that.Disgusting...Kurotsuki threw one of the orbs directly into the center of the building,causing the building to explode and rubble to fall into the streets.

People began to run and scream at the sight of the collapsing building and the falling rubble.Most weren't fast enough to dodge the large rocks that fell on top of them and many perished within a minute.Kurotsuki smirked and turned his attention to a building down the street.He watched as people ran past it to escape the destruction that was occurring only few feet away.Disgusting and foolish...Kurotsuki launched his second orb into the building and watched the same scene of destruction and death unfolded before him.He let out a heavy breath as he used sonido to touch down on solid ground.He walked calmly through the panicking masses,unseen because of what he was.Kurotsuki was sure they wouldn't even notice him even if they could see him.He let out a long laugh as he began throwing his fists around,sending people flying into the street and into buildings,killing all that came in contact with him.He laughed and killed all things that lived around him.Disgusting insects!
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PostSubject: Re: Toxicity of Our City   Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:20 am

I think the Bounto avenger turned into murdering Arrancar Rp Sample is quite refreshing to read. Along with the gender description and the title of this topic in general. Quite original.

I am saying Approved.
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Toxicity of Our City
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