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 Die Waffen Spielen and Der Draht des Todes

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F├╝hrung/2nd Bounto

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PostSubject: Die Waffen Spielen and Der Draht des Todes   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:07 am

Name: Die Waffen spielen

Manifestation: (Will add later.)

The two guns are the most powerful guns made by the Germans within WWII. It is basically pure destruction manifested. Able to fire bullets as big as 13mm. It is an anti-tank pistol back then, but today, it is an anti-Hierro guns. Able to penetrate and even destroy a thick steel door within a few shots given the power of each pistols. Being constructed out of a special metal, it can obviously effect a spiritual creature composed of Reishi easily, and in the presence of Reishi, it can absorb it to add more power to it and fire bullets that would obviously pack an explosive punch. The guns itself is powerful enough to fend off even the sharpest of blades.

Doll Ability: Given it's metallic nature, the weapon can create an infinite flow of metal within itself, and as such, it can create any type of ammunition to befit it. It can even create a flamethrower out of the gun by reconfiguring itself and working alongside the other doll to spew out flames. It's normal bullets are in fact usually explosive either ways, as they are meant to kill off people rather quickly. It's rate of fire happens to be one second per shot, making it quite a fast weapon to wield, especially when duel wielding. Although this just happens to be a by product of Skipper's molecular grasp over metal. Able to change even the compounds of the metal to make it into another form of metal entirely.

Element: Metal.


Name: Der Draht des Todes

Manifestation: (Will add later.)

These are perhaps the most deadly of dolls due to it's physical traits. Given how sharp they are, under the masterful hands of Skipper, he can slice an entire building off by a simple pull after wrapping it around. Due to it's sentient nature, the wire can wrap around anywhere on it's master's whim and he can manipulate it from there. Although this appears to be a type of telekinesis, it really isn't, rather, it is the doll moving around. The wire is said to reach up to 10 kilometers, but due to it's small nature, it can be compressed within User's coat. Also the wires can form a mesh shielding that can block several attacks at once and even pose a danger were the person to touch the wires itself, leading the person to be sliced into pieces due to it's extremely sharp and potent nature. A Hierro doesn't even stand a chance against it unless it is quite sturdier than the wire. Even though, the Hierro would be penetrated at one point but there won't be any sort of slicing, simply a cut. If needed, the wires can be used to tie up someone without skewering him/her into pieces.

Doll Ability: The doll, given it's traits, can create Doppelgangers of the user all over the area if need be by simple forming up the outline of the person, or trick a person into believing that. The Doppelgangers in essence are fiery energy manifested into a physical form, it can create an explosion that would char the person, and in doing so, the wires revert back to it's original form and would retract back to it's master. This ability isn't limited to this one form, it can even disguise itself as a house or a building by outline if need be.

Element: Fire.


Rules in making Techs:
1-99 posts: 3 techs
100-199: 4 techs
200-299: 5 techs
300-399: 6 techs.... and so on... you can add more techs as your posts go up.

1. [Metal] Formation: This ability is really but a formation of metal shaping up to be any shapes that the user desires. It has to be from an available metal source, and a nearby one no less, or at least one that is visible to the user to form it. Once under Skipper's control, it will be his to use at all times. It will be added to his doll as a metal to use, making all other metal users manipulation obsolete.
Cooldown = 2 per use.

2. [Fire] The Abyss: With this ability, the wires catch on fire, able to emit fire that stands out tremendously without cutting up much or anything of that sort. The user is immune to the fire from the wires, but the fire itself is in fact natural. Able to light anything on fire but it won't spread. Acting much like a Greek fire, water itself will only feed it rather than restrict it. Upon moving it in a certain angle, it can even fling fire at people.
Cooldown = 6 posts.
Duration = 5 posts.

3. [Fire/Metal] Molten metal: This ability melts any metal pyrokinetically and turns them into molten metal able to be manipulated by metalkinesis and pyrokinesis alike. Making the metal supermoldeble, and also fast enough to be levitating after someone, chasing them down when the user wishes it.
Cooldown = 4 post per usage.
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Gouryoku Hanshin/Elite Superhuman's Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Die Waffen Spielen and Der Draht des Todes   Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:44 am

Approved Mr. SKipper.

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

~Drink Master Yaouchi Of the Superhumans~
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Die Waffen Spielen and Der Draht des Todes
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