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 Van Hassel: Elite Superhuman

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Pieter Van Hassel
Seiei Hanshin/3rd Elite Superhuman

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PostSubject: Van Hassel: Elite Superhuman   Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:35 pm

Name: Pieter Van Hassel

Race: Superhuman

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Pieter is perverted sometimes, but serious in battle. He wouldn't hit a woman or fight them unless he really had to when it came down to something important. He's always happy it seems, or casual's the better word. His old personality that disappeared once have now reared its beautiful face: A sense of justice, sometimes perverted, and even open to others and forgiving. Now in battle or to those he's vengeful against, he's cold and unwilling to open up to anyone he fights (hollows and arrancar mainly). Even in battle, he will not give out his name or even speak to his opponent,depending on his mood of course..

In all seriousness, he is anti-social. It doesn't mean that he won't interact with others if he considers them a comrade or acquaintance. He won't hesitate to strike if he feels a strong sense of betrayal. even if the enemy were to switch sides, he will strike them down without mercy.

Pieter always seem to wear khaki baggy pants with combat boots. He wears the same color tank top with a large trench coat that's green with silver linen. His facial features are also handsome: hazel brown eyes, high cheek bones, soft lips with a bright smile and teeth that could blind anyone within miles. His hair is also a dark brown;short along with his skin being dark.

Likes: Beer, parties
Dislikes: Boring stuff

Appearance: My avatar

History: Pieter was a normal high school student.He was named after his great ancestor that was apart of the Hassel Mercenaries because he looked exactly like him. However, some weird activities took place. He began to see spirits and thought he needed therapeutic help. After going to therapy, he seemed to be back to normal, but now he was hearing voices and saw the spirits more clearly. Then he encountered a hollow and a Quincy came along and killed it. Their spiritual pressure had awakened something within Pieter..Something he never thought that would exist. After several encounters with the hollow and quincy, he then saw shinigami which drove him off the edge and went to attack the hollow.

He failed in attacking as the hollow stabbed its hand through his chest half way. He puked up blood..a tear fell from his eye. Then an eruption of spiritual power awakened within this young adult as he pulled the hollow's hand out and his wound seemed to disappear. His hair also stood on end and spiked up slightly, spirit particles gathered in the males hand and formed a large musket. With a pull of the trigger, six holes appeared in the hollow..not counting the hollow hole it had.
His powers were similiar to a quincy from the way he gathered spirit power..but the flow of reiatsu was of his own style.

After years of developing his awakened hidden potential, his spiritual pressure had not only changed his own life, but those around him. He rid the world of hollows, brought happiness to those that suffered because of these wicked beings. Pieter had became a sage himself, even his spiritual pressure had begun to spread over 2/3 of Japan and thus, became in harmony with the environment. Japan seemed so much greener and happier and brighter. When traveling all over Japan, his work was known and even caused a rumor that he was a god in human form. He returned to Karakura town, finally settling down in his resting place...for now.

RP sample: Pieter sits in his room,today would be the last day of school if it hadn't been of his annoying parents,the fat lards never did anything anymore.He just read in his room,thinking to himself,when he had heard a scream from the living room,which was just outside his door,he walked out interested to see what had happened,when he sees the mob of people outside,some holding weapons,he bolted out the back door,as his house explodes into flame,the old house was a timber box and they had covered it with gasoline,he fled as far as he could as he looks back,he knew his family was soon dead,as the mod is now in the back,making sure no one can get out. he runs off and gets on a parked bike,pedaling away.

((next day))

Pieter sits on the side of the road, he had moved though the night to get to the nearest city, where no one knew him, it was his safe house. He looks around at all the people passing by, there was still several hours of dark left, but that didn’t stop people from walking about the area, the sudden realization had hit him like a rock as to why he was condemned the way he was. he had no real ability or no he felt, be he had one power of suggestion, he had the power to convince people with his face and eyes, to do what he wishes, he could work those people to do what he wants. but he knew he couldn't control how a person dose it and such, he knew he could get them to at least do it...he wonders however if their are beings stronger them him and if so...where are they?....
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Gouryoku Hanshin/Elite Superhuman's Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Van Hassel: Elite Superhuman   Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:45 pm

I approve. But sorry I am not an admin so your colors will have to wait.

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

~Drink Master Yaouchi Of the Superhumans~
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Van Hassel: Elite Superhuman
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