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 Ressurection Template

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Shinzui Debiru
General of the Gotei 13

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PostSubject: Ressurection Template   Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:12 pm

Name:(The Name of your Ressurection)

Release Phrase:(The Command Phrase that releases your initial release and the command phrase that releases your full ress)

Element:(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice/Snow, Metal, Shadow/Dark, Light/Holy, Gravity, Illusions, Poison, Plant/Nature, Neutral,Reiatsu, Void,etc.)

Represent:(What does your ress represent? Animal, insect, creature...)

Sealed Zanpacktou:(What your zanpacktou looks like when it isn't released)

Initial Release:(What does your ressurection look like in it's Initial Release)

Released Description:(What does your character look like in your ressurection's released state)

Ultimate Ability:(What your ability you gain during your released state, do not godmode with this)

Innate Ability:(Like Nel's tu doble cero)


Duration or Cooldown:

Rules in making Techs:
0-100 points: 3 techs
101-200: 4 techs
201-300: 5 techs
301-400: 6 techs
and so on...
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Ressurection Template
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