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 Tesh--> 7th Division Captain

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Teshinime Takeru
7th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Tesh--> 7th Division Captain   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:20 am

Name: Teshinime Takeru

Age: 400

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Male

Division: 7th Division

Personality: Teshinime Takeru it’s very intelligent, he can analyze the situations and his enemies with great accuracy. He is also very reserved and doesn’t share his feelings very quickly. He is truly loyal when he becomes someone’s friend, he will put his life at risk for his ideals. He is extremely sincere and likes to speak his mind when necessary. He is a very polite person; he salutes all the people he sees. He is gifted in the ways of combat, he takes that very seriously and trains every day.

Appearance: Look at my avatar. He is tall (about 6 feet 8 inches), weighing 210 pounds. He is very agile and athletic. His hair is black and messy; he likes to wear white clothes. His skin is pale and his eyes are light green.
He is very fit and has an extraordinary stamina, he likes to train everyday.

From the 18th District of North Rukongai; as far back as Teshinime know that was the location where he came from before enrolling at the academy. He too can still remember that he was indeed once human, born in the living world and died there too at the age of a young boy, but those memories are all behind him. While living in the 18th District, like most living souls there Teshinime banded together with other kids just like him and together they took care and defended each other. Being the newest member of the group, Teshinime earned the nickname Ototo, or younger brother.
Though the proclaim younger brother of the group out of twenty-five other kids just like himself, Teshinime had more spiritual energy than any of them, but yet he too was the laziest out of all of them. Spending a few months with together, Teshinime had discovered the Soul Reapers and somehow they all made an oath to better their lives by becoming Soul Reapers someday. However, that was not meant to be for one by one, year by year each of them began to fall from sickness or lack of nutrition. Each one slowly slipped away and Teshinime began to lose hope, the only thing that kept him alive was the promise he made his friends.
He enroll the academy as promised.

RP Sample:
Teshinime walk into the 11th Squad barracks. After requesting to join the proclaimed strongest squad in all of the 7th Court Guard he got his wish. Once setting his body through the entrance two men approach him. Teshinime exam the two men as they were taller and bigger than he was. They stood before him with their arm cross and held a big grin on their face. “You don’t belong here,” the man standing on the left spoke. “This squad has no use for weak looking men, be gone before you hurt not only our reputations, but also yourself,” the man standing on the right added. Teshinime drop his sack and Zanpakutô and stood silently in front of the two men before him. The two men laugh thinking that they scared him and quickly they took off their top robe revealing two enormous belly size and did a their warrior cry. After shouting from the top of their lungs for a long two minutes they began to huff and puff heavily at the same time laughing. Still motionless Teshinime held his ground. A guest of wind blew by and he hastily pulled his arms out of his robe showing his rip defying body and the scars on his body. A quick air pressure rushed past them as Teshinime Takeru flexes his muscles; his body begins to heat up leaving the two soul reapers speechless. Sliding back into his robe and picking up his gears, Teshinime Takeru walked past the two soul reapers; advanced a few feet stopped and over his should spoke, “Thanks for the welcome” then continue his way.

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Segunda, 2nd Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Tesh--> 7th Division Captain   Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:27 am

Hrm. This is all approved except for one thing. Six foot eight and a hundred and fifty pounds? he'd be emaciated and unable to fight at all. Raise the weight man. About 200 pounds would probably be right.
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Tesh--> 7th Division Captain
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