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 Tenrai Kyuusei

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Teshinime Takeru
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Teshinime Takeru

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PostSubject: Tenrai Kyuusei   Tenrai Kyuusei Icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 10:55 pm

Name: Divine Salvation : Tenrai Kyuusei

Tenrai Kyuusei 1075855736_TwistAngel

Release Phrase: Purify their soul and bring forgiveness to the sinners

Level: Bankai

Family: Light

Sealed Zanpacktou:
Tenrai Kyuusei Samurai-sword

[shikai]Released Zanpacktou: Identical twin swords but each one has its own function.

Right Hand: The judge
Left Hand: The Executioner ONLY used in Bankai

Tenrai Kyuusei Sword-cross-swords-thumb3237137

Shikai Ability: The ability is to strike at the very soul of the enemy. The more evil the person is, the more stronger the strikes are, and the harder it is to defend from them. The attacks are intended for the soul, however the body is still harmed in the process. When the strike has cut the body, Nero is able to look at the soul of the person, and with another strike, he can see it more clearly. Eventually, he can see it in full and that's when he will use one of his lethal techniques to perform the final judgement. If the person is not completely evil, then Tesh uses a certain techinque. This technique allows him to expand on the evil deeds, and justify the need for the judgement to proceed.

Bankai Zanpaktou:

The Judge:
Tenrai Kyuusei Angel-sanctuary-angel-anime-angel-picture

The Executioner:
Tenrai Kyuusei Anime_by_djdiablito666

Bankai Ability: In Bankai ability both Zanpaktous transform into two angels, they have the power to throw beams of blinding light, these beams deal massive damage to the opponent, and also their only presence increase Tesh powers in strength, speed and reiatsu by a 70%


The Holy Blade(Shikai) : A technique that allows Tesh to justify the need for his opponent to be judged. The Zanpaktou will glow along with its owner. They will appear in the very mind of their opponents, and will be able to see all the evil deeds that the person has ever performed. Next, the good deeds will appear and that's when the technique becomes powerful. Tesh can freely judge on each of the deeds, if the person should pay for his sins. A strong willed person can try to force Tesh out of their mind. Usually, they are paralysed for the duration of this technique, as so is Tesh's body, however enough will can mean that they will break this technique, which will leave Tesh open for their attack, for his soul has not returned to its vessel. A person with a great amount of reiatsu can force the technique to end, however Tesh's soul returns immediately.
Cooldown: 3 posts

The Final Judgement (Shikai) : Convinced that the opponent has sinned, it is time to perform the judgement. The Zanpaktou glows with a bright light, and out of the light, the surroundings chance in a radius of 100 meters, giving the appearance of heaven. The right hand blade “The Judge” makes its appearance, the blade glows and charge for one post, then it shoots 10 beams of light rapidly which can only be avoided by person with incredible speed, the beams are from pure reiatsu divine energy, they deal great amount of damage.
Cooldown: 5 posts

The Execution (Bankai): Both blades in Bankai state appear (in Angel form) and the surrounding change like with Final Judgement; the Judge tells the Executioner all the opponents sins, and the Executioner begin his punishment. The executioner will order that the opponent will receive a damage equal to 7 times the damage received by himself and by Tesh combined, there is one more change to salvation and if the opponent chooses it he will have to fight against the two angels, ONLY in this case the angels create a sword just like the ones on Shikai state for their use, they gain the same level of swordsmanship, strength and speed of Tesh. The angels can only resist twice the total damage received by Tesh, the enemy only has to beat one of the angels to eliminate the effect of this tech. In order to be a fear fight, the opponent will be healed a 20% before the fight against the angels and the damaged produced during the fight with the angels will be healed 75%.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenrai Kyuusei   Tenrai Kyuusei Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 1:30 am

Wow there is a lot of judgement going on here. I could guess it was in the light family before I even read the family though due to the name.


"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

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Tenrai Kyuusei
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