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 2 on 2 (well sort of)

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Segunda, 2nd Espada

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PostSubject: 2 on 2 (well sort of)   Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:51 am

the winds were blowing back and forth as Riuku made his way into the woods. the woods were wet because it was raining a little bit ago and it looked like it was going to rain again. Riuku made his way under a tree and looked around. Riuku brushed out the water that was in his hair and mask. Riuku was here because he was bord and was going to fight someone. Riuku did not know much about the guy, only that he was a captain and he was going to have someone on his side but Riuku did not know who. Riuku has a team mate on his side, it was a man that he just met named Conejo. Riuku did not know much about him but knows that he can fight and will help him with this one.

Riuku walked away from the tree and then looks all around. The sun was about to set on this wet day and when it did, Riuku will win this fight. Riuku made his way into a small open grassy plan. Riuku can see that the open place was about 20 feet by 20 feet. Riuku did not care much about it, he just wanted a fight, a good one at that. he then lays on the ground with the grass on the side of his face and the winds blowing his hair and espada cloths to his right side. Riuku gets back up and sees that he got water on him. Riuku wipes the water off and looks around for them to show. Riuku poped his neck and then his writs. Riuku now waits for them to show.
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Teshinime Takeru
7th Division Captain
Teshinime Takeru

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PostSubject: Re: 2 on 2 (well sort of)   Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:26 am

Teshinime was hoping to fight someone for a while, he has been in other places where there was too much over-confidence but unfortunately not enough talent to back it up, so he came to this woods searching for someone to fight. The chosen place seemed nice, the weather was also acceptable, sunny and aparently it had just finished raining just a minutes ago. The feeling was surprising for Teshinime, by the time he was approaching the place he could feel a reiatsu, this reiatsu was strange, Teshinime had a talent to guess who was the owner of the reiatsus he usually felt, this time he tried to guess, it was a tricky one it seemed like a ...... wait..Its a Espada reiatsu he said inside his head. This increased the excitment much more, not a normal or regular arrancar; this was an Espada.

In his rank as 7th division captain, Teshinime is in charge of the large scale operations, a duty he proudly accepted and always performed with exelence, he had an incredible strategic mind, he enjoyed spending time trying to figure out what will be the enemy's next move, he always was one step ahead, like in a chess game. This kind of thinking was extremely useful in battles, he sometimes amazed himself when he could see exactly what will happen and how.
He received notice that some enemies were passing by the Soul Society, he decided to go and investigate, he didn't planned on going alone so he called a fellow captain, this captain said that he was a little busy at the moment but he was going to find him afterwards, the surprise was fabulous when he later found out that he was about to fight a Espada.

Then he approached the Espada, who was sitting on the ground...

"Espada, before we begin this i should tell you that i know you have brought a partner with you so don't try to fool me by making me believe you are alone. If you want we can't start this or we could wait because a friend of mine is coming; in case you decide to proceed with the fight nobody can interfiere because only you will receive divine punishment for your actions..the spirit of my sword is begging me to release it so he can judge you and condem its your decision".

Then Teshinime stood, waiting for an response.
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2 on 2 (well sort of)
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