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 The Dark Saint.

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PostSubject: The Dark Saint.   The Dark Saint. Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 5:32 am

Name: Shoshrin Jaken. AKA La Umbrio Santo.

Race: Vizard.

Age: 770.

Visual Age: 30.

Gender: Manly Male.

Personality: Before he died, Jaken was a calm man, at peace with himself and others, with the desire to bring peace upon the world. There was no wish to fight or commit even the slight bit of violence in his mind. After the process of death and gaining his hollow, this quickly changed. Racked in sorrow and madness from the events of using his mask, Jaken remains stuck between the edge of Sanity and Insanity, with his mind constantly switching from peacefully, to foaming at the mouth for blood.

Likes: Quiet, Fighting, Blood, sleeping, and reading.

Dislikes: Regretting, his Hollow, being helpless, and crowds.

Ex-Division: 11th.


Background/History: ~The Chapter of life and death of Jaken~

Jaken was a born in a temple and raised by priests, becoming a solid pacifist and kind soul. At age 18, he achieved enlightenment and eventually left with his own band of priest, looking to spread peace through the world. It was said to be a naive belief to think that peace could come from just words, and it was right. Years later, when he was 70, the goal of spreading the beliefs of the priests that raised him was naught but a pipe dream, leaving Jaken to return home alone and with scars left when people attacked him and the group after getting tired of his preaching. His men were dead, and he was old, so there was nothing but to head home, but he couldn't find hope there either, as the night he happened to return, the temple was attacked and burned to the ground, with him in it.

~Plus and Shinigami Chapter~

With the added benefit of being sinless and being enlightened, his soul, which was merged with the souls of the priests, was almost instantly sent to Rukongai, where his body was reborn as a 11 year old, and his personality changed into what it is now. He decided to abandon everything he learned in life and started anew, not taking anything from anyone, but not outright tormenting people who treated him nicely or left him alone. Jaken was found by a captain and detained in prison for almost killing a 5th seat in the division, but upon observing his high reiatsu, was allowed to attend the academy. He was pretty much given all the privacy he wanted as the brutal beating he gave to the Shinigami before was still widely know, and after four exhausting years, graduation came at last. His violent reaction to people who crossed him, got Jaken into the 11th division as a 3rd seat, where he got into many search and destroy missions; which he didn't disappoint in doing.

The 20 souls of the priests were thrown from harmony due the negative emotions and feelings that Jaken felt and unleashed upon others. The evil within his soul caused half of them to be consumed by the hatred and combine, similar to a how Menos is formed, and eventually formed his inner hollow, while the other half managed to avoid the taint and became the Zanpakuto. He learned the swords name after being corned by two Gillian, using it to shred the hollows into pieces, receiving instruction how to wield the Shikai mid-battle. During his recovery, Jaken was brought to the inner world where he learned that the souls of his friends and caretakers were divided into two parts of his own soul. When he asked about the other half, his sword never answered, but that alone left the boy with a uneasy feeling. After his return to duty and undergoing more mission than before, an 15-year old Shinigami found himself in the vice-captain position, the former brutally murdered in a sneak attack.

Shinigami voiced their complains that it was the newly named Fuku-taicho who killed to previous one, but the Kenpachi, Kin, heard nothing of it, trusting him with her life. It turned out that the trust she placed in his fellow division member was misplaced, as one night during a joint mission with the 6th company in Karakura, there was a nearly endless amount of Hollows flooding the forest area, slaughtering the two squads until only Jaken and Kin remained. Bloody and desperate, he reached deeper and deeper, awakening the portion of his soul where the inner hollow lay, forcibly taking it's power, much to it's surprise, and causing a ghastly white mask to form upon his face. With this, he easily decimated the hollows with his sword and balas, reveling in the slaughter and even cutting down the exhausted captain. Not caring who was ally or enemy, he blasted his leader's head clean off with a cero, and collapsing afterward. Awakening the next morning, he saw the carnage that was committed, and sat there in denial, unable to comprehend that he did this.

His mind snapped, the quiet mutters of denial changed into the mad cackles of insanity.


Rp Sample:(I'm gonna PM it to the Leader for Elite.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Saint.   The Dark Saint. Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 5:54 am

aiight if the leader approves your eliteness youll be all set to go.

Nature approved.

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

~Drink Master Yaouchi Of the Superhumans~
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The Dark Saint.
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