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 DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)

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Rikuna Leireez
Saijuukei Hanshin-/Elite Superhuman's Vice Leader
Rikuna Leireez

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DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Empty
PostSubject: DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)   DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 2:43 pm

Name: Rikuna Leireez

Race: Supa Human xp

Age: 19

Gender: feminine

Personality: Before you get to know 'Riku'
Towards new friends, she is shy and tries to stay quiet, observing the person she is talking to before she has a good vibe that she will like them or not. If she does indeed take an interest in that person, she will be more open, and talk to them, trying to get to know them better, but most of the details on her life are still secret. Only a few people every get to know the secrets of her past, which are almost even forbidden in her own mind. If she though, doesnt feel like she likes you, or feels insecure, she will close up fully and will try not to have further contact with the person unless nescesary.

After Rikuna knows you, automatically you are put into three categories, Like, Love, despise, nothing inbetween. people she despises, he will either do her best to avoid, or make their life hell. people she likes, she will talk to, but thats about it. Poeple she loves, she will tell them what they need to know about her, its her way of saying "ay, I trust you" even though it isnt much...

in general

Rikuna is very different, in her own little mind. She likes to seem relaxed and mellow, when in reality she is tense and always watching her back to make sure she is no to be tracked by someone (or something) she is paranoid, and doesnt like to talk to strangers. she talks, but not alot, and especially not around big groups, only when its nescesary she will. If she has a grudge against someone she will hold it for a long time.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: music, guys, video games, books, sun screen, night time, blood, bunnies o_O

Dislikes: turtles, alot of cold, alot of heat, pink, closets, too cheeky girls, salesmen.

Appearance: Rikuna's eyes are two different colors, left is green, right is violet. her skin is flawless, pale, except for one scar that runs down her jawline. which is really noticable as she is usually in darker colors. her clothing is usually darker, but she isnt gothic, just not into light colors. Rikuna has two holes in her left ear and three in her right. her hair is always differet, she likes to dye her hair, but at the current moment, it is darkish blonde. she weighs 110 pounds and is 5'2, she is athletic but doesnt have buldging muscles.

DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) L_d7812a4e416c6c74f2e2f48a0176a6a8
Growing up, Rikuna didn't have a very social life, she just didn't like other people, especially the adults she called parents, and she very well knew they wernt, even at a young age. When she was born, her parents gave her away because her mother had twins, one girl one boy, and all they really wanted was the boy. both babies had two different colored eyes, which would surely haunt her real parents for a long time, if her brother didnt die. Yes hat is right, her twin died, only a few days after Rikuna was given up, which was a big shock to her real parents.

The people who adopted her were not nice, and barely talked to Rikuna, only fooled with her until she was three, when they thought she was old enough to care for herself, and that she did. She learned everything, basically absorbing the thoughts of the ones around her, starting with small thing like how to tie her shoes to how to make a full dinner. and since no one would fool with her, she avoided every soul she came in contact with, that is, until she turned five, and was sent to school.

A place to learn, she was excited about that, she loved learning new things, but soon learned it was the most dreaded place ever, it was too loud in her eyes, and she couldn't understand why people kept talking after they were told to shut up... but their mouthes wernt moving, she wanted to learn how to speak without opening her mouth, so she tried it, and ended up getting scolded by the teacher for making weird noises in class,. when she tried to say everyone else was, including the teacher, she got sent home... that was when she learned that she could read other peoples thoughts, and she hated it.

She experimented with it a little bit, and soon learned it was much stronger when there were more people around than less, headaches occured alot, and she was sick frequently, she learned things she didnt want to know about other people, and it lead her to design something to drown it out. A hat, that she could wear, with some kind of energy to keep the thoughts away.

At age ten, she found someone who could make that hat for her. A man, he said he was some sort of scientist that lived in some place that sounded weird to her, and said that he could tell that she seemed pained, and she told him, the first person she really atually spoke to, she told him about the mind reading. He smiled, at first, Rikuna didn't believe he believed her, but then slowly realized he did, and soon enought he had created something to help her, it wasn't a hat though, it was ink, he said that he would put a seal on her arm, and it would block it all out, until it wore off after three months, when she would have to have the seal replaced, so from then on out, she visited him at a broke down abandoned building, a littleless than three months each time.

At age thirteen, she met her real parents, and it was also when she retrieved her powers. She didnt like the two people at all, she knew that they gave her up, and she couldn't stand them for it, but they gave her a gift, a necklace, a kind of choker like thing, with a flower pendant danling from it, and she knew it was special when she put it on, a sort of energy pulsed through it, and she began feeling naseated, she excused herself to the restroom, and almost passed out. she realized that her sight was fading in and out, and it looked like things were moving, she removed the necklace, and she felt fine, after a few moments she put it back on, and the energy pulsed through her again, but this time she didn't feel nauseated. Rikuna looked at a bar of soap on the side of the bathtub, tilted her head and noticed it was moving, her eyes grew wide as she took a step back and then she blinked several times, then consentrated, and willed it to... levitate?

Yes... that was what was happening, she was forcing the bar of soap to move with her mind, but was tha all she could do? She focused even harder and tried to force the energy around it to condense, and the soap then dissentegrated into dust, her mouth was left gaping open, as she then realized what she could do... SHe soon left her real parents home, making her way back to her house, trying out her new powers, realizing she could also make a forcefield around her, keeping other living things away, she took the necklace off and tried it, but only got a little budge . When she finally made it to her street, she noticed something, one was that there was alot of firemen, and two was that her home was on fire, it was unbelievable, but she really didn't care, what she did was turn around, and went the different direction, and found the guy that put the seal on her arm, and asked if she could stay with him, and he told her she could, until she was sixteen, and he said he would help her wth her powers.

She trained every day since then, hard core, the guy would bring in unbelievable things, and she would use them to either levitate, dissentegate,or make a forcefield. He told her about the soul society, and souls, the Gotei thirteen, and told her that he once was a captain himself. She never got to know his real name, the man used the code name "Eurich" and that was what she called him with no questions asked.

When Rikuna turned sixteen, she left, as she was told, and found a job, earning money and soon getting herself an apartment. She met some guy along the way, that she learned was the first elite superhuman, Yaouchi, and he ended up living with her in some random way. Soon her apartment was something more than just a place to live, there was always something weird going on... Now at age 19, she has found that great things have come from her training, finding herself as a high ranking superhuman herself.

Rp Sample: I guess he was right, I would leave sooner or later, but I stayed for a long time, that’s all that really matters."Kylita looked at her son, she could tell he wasn’t feeling anything, he was so much like Tenshin, the vibe fell off him as natural as body odor. She wanted to see Tenshin again, he was her former captain, just like she was a former captain now to her sister, Alasia. It was only natural to want to see the man that taught her everything she knew, and who gave her a son, even though she hadn't met her kid until recently, it was all natural, even if she knew it probably would not happen anytime soon Her body was taking in the breeze that passed, she was feeling how good it make her body feel, she was almost relaxed even, but knowing enemies could be anywhere, she was afraid that if she got too comfortable in this world she hated so much, she would be attacked, and she might not be able to stand a chance from being all caught up with how good the wind felt. She sighed and looked forward as the light on the other side of the road went from 'don’t walk' to 'walk' She started to walk again, She was aware and knowing that this offer meant she would have protection, a home, her son, everything she needed and more... Yet she was yearning for something else. Something was pulling her forward, making her itch, she wanted to know what t was.

"Tamekaze..." Kylita began, she didn't know how to start what she was going to say, how was she to decline this offer? It was a very nice thing for him to say, but she had her things to do before she could try and settle down, and be protected by people she never met. She couldn't just slap him and say no, Or tell him to never offer her something so unreasonable again, because it was reasonable, it wasn't who she was to decline things in such a brutal manner. Kylita took in a breath and began. " After leaving the soul society, I have felt some sort of a pull, a kind of drive that seems to be leading me to power and good things, Something that wants me to find it, and help it somehow. Besides, the soul society is really watered down these days." she was looking in front of herself again, She didn't want to look at her son, not now, not while so much was on her mind. Her mind began contemplating the words she was saying and how much they were making no sense to her at all. Thats what it seemed like lately, the world made no sense, none at all, the soul society was supposed to protect souls, and they go out to exterminate a girl who fell in love with the wrong guy. And they would be after Kylita soon. She sighed and began speaking to her son once again.

"What I am trying to say, Tamekaze, is that If I do not find what I am searching for, then I will come with you." She didn't know how he would react to it, she was declining something her instincts were driving her to, it could just be a trick by her sub conscience to pull her away from any kind of environment that involved interactions with humans or souls. The voice would become so loud, and a screech would fill her ears, as she passed out and died, while her sub conscience would reign, and eventually get killed Kylita let that thought die out, there was no way she was going to become that vulnerable again. Hopefully Tamekaze could understand, that what she was looking for, probably wouldn't be that easy to find, She hoped though it would be easier enough for her to find it though. " besides, I am an enemy of the Soul Society now, if I am to be treated like one, I will find a cause and help become what they think of me to be by helping with the downfall of them." her voice was cool as ice as she said these words, never had she said anything like that about the soul society, the place she lived most of her life, and all because of a man who soon up and disappeared, both of them trying to save someone only empowered by love, they rid her of the soul society, even though she didn't get close enough to her goal to do nothing wrong, maybe she could tell valuable information to the Espada or something, that would give the pathetic Shinigami of the soul Society something to think about, when they are over run by enemy forces. She sighed, and made her mind stop wandering, it was doing no good to dwell and plot revenge, soon she would get it though, there was no doubt in her mind about that.

She continued focusing on walking, if she put off to much bad vibes, it might concern Tamekaze. She was planning on how she was going to live, she wanted to know what was pulling her forward before she decided to live anywhere, she wanted to see if she could get her Bankai back, to have it where there were no switches to turn it off or on, if she could find that power, she could definitely stand a chance against however they sent out to attack her. She couldn't help it, a giggle escaped her mouth, almost forgetting her son was right beside her when she began to sing to herself softly "I wont suffer be broken, get tired or wasted surrender to nothing against the world I started to stopped it from end to beginning, a new day is coming cause I am finally free..." She stopped for a moment thinking of how bloody she would make the massacre, she would slaughter all she could, even her sister if she stood in the way... She skipped half of the song she was singing and started singing the end of it. [i] your promises, they look like lies, your honestly, like a back that hides a knife, I promise you, I promise you..." she stopped, finally realizing that her son was still there, and that she shouldn't be ignoring him, by singing songs... She looked to Tamekaze and smiled a little, but her eyes were a bottomless pit, nothing filled them, her whole being was in a state of hatred towards the soul society. "It’s a beautiful Lie, isn't it?" She shut up, and continued walking forward, hoping what she was looking for wouldn't jump out of nowhere and try to kill her, before she could know what it was.
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DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Empty
PostSubject: Re: DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)   DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 4:17 pm

Well...Wow. Approved. Like. . .Totally. I can't give you elite superhuman, But i can next to guarentee you Yao will.
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DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Empty
PostSubject: Re: DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)   DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 11:20 pm

Approved as Elite Superhuman

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

~Drink Master Yaouchi Of the Superhumans~
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DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Empty
PostSubject: Re: DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)   DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human) Icon_minitime

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DONE Rikuna (2nd elite super human)
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