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 Soul Purify

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PostSubject: Soul Purify   Soul Purify Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 4:28 am

Soul Purify

The Gotei 13 and the vizards were working together against the Espada. However, in the battle the Espada influenced the vizard's inner hollows with their release and broke the link betwene the shinigami and the hollow, thus making the inner hollow become the dominant conscience and control the body with the whole terrible transformation and all the while the espada has been laying low and the SS finally decided to accept the vizards after exiling them as hollows, the Espada provoked the vizard's inner hollows and they attacked Soul Society as their agents.Soul Society had nothing to offer the Vizards after such a long time whereas the Espada only had conflict with the vizards because of the spur of the moment, but when actually thinking about it, the vizards owed the espada for letting them live once their inner hollow powers fluctuated and destroyed their own consciousness allowing for the hollows to take over,and so to even out the forces, the vizard and the arrancar had joined forces, but not to fight the shinigami.The shinigami are fighting the quincy after they've been hiding low, giving the impression that hey've become extinct.

Learning new ways to cross over into the spirit world, they have succeeded and re-awoke a war that started it all. As for the humans, they don't really have an organized group, but with spiritual awareness, they knew what was going on. And when the vizards approached Karakura town. The humans and sought to fight them, but the vizards had utterly defeated them and devoured some of their souls until one day each of their zanpaktou spirits emerged to confront the inner hollow after becoming exposed to a humans spiritual power and broke the pressure from the arrancars, retaliating after being manipulated like they were with the Gotei 13. The Shinigami grew desperate in this situation. Even some of the vizards were still with the Espada and there were a crap load of quincies, so division 12 was ordered by the captain commander to ressurect the bounts once the quincy called in the super humans..all hope is lost for peace..for now...
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Soul Purify
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