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 Hiruma Youichi

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Sexta, 6th Espada

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PostSubject: Hiruma Youichi   Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:24 pm

Name: Hiruma Youichi


Visual Age:22

Race: Arrancar

Gender : Male


Personality: Unpredictable. He's completly psychotic really. But i can't predict the actions of the psychotic. He loves fighting, killing, eating, screwing, really all the basic instincts.


When Hiruma was still alive he was playing football . He loved that sport with all of his heart and respected his teammates . They were almost at the Christmas Bowl when something terrible happened at a game . Hiruma's heart gave up on him in the middle of the game . He fell down to his knees and then on his stomach . There was no helping him .

When Hiruma was a spirit and roamed around the Karakura Town he was ambushed by hollows . They didn't hurt him because Hiruma was already strong enough to take them out . He then became corrupted himself and started slowly turning into the Hollow-kind .

Once he was a hollow he looked like a bat . He was larger than the others and obviously stronger . He started consuming souls for power . He raced through the ranks . When he was a Menos Grande he was obviously differend from the others . His mask fragment was different in shape . So he had all his memories and slaughtered the others of his kind . He finally felt the power flow right through him when he achieved Asjuchas rank . He ran around the Meno's forest to find hollows to murder and then eat . Once he needed only a few more hollows to consume to get Vasto Lorde rank , 3 Adjuchas came simply out of nowhere . They wanted him to be their leader . He roughly refused that offer and then they offered that they would die and Hiruma would reach up in the ranks .

Once Vasto Lorde Hiruma got into a fight where his mask was torn to pieces . A power surged through him . His eyes went red and he screamed in agony . The reiatsu was so enormous that it took out the opponent immediately . That was when he was an Arrancar .

Innate Ability: Sombra Bezado(Shadow Kissed) Can move into one shadow, And out of the other. While moving through shadows he is in a “Shadow World”. He can pull other people into this shadow world. In the shadow world sight is completely obliterated, The only senses available are sound and touch. When he leaves the shadow world they will be trapped until they can sort of break the shadow's but there is a limit of 6 posts . . And they'll reapear through a nearby shadow. He cannot move through shadows smaller than he is, But he can move parts of him. For example, a coconut sized shadow he can punch through, But not move his entire body through.

RP sample:

Hiruma , the blonde devilish espada walked down the long halls of Las Noches . He was bored . His hands were layed into his pockets neatly and he took slow steps . There were other arrancar walking down the corridors but Hiruma didn't notice them . They all saluted him . He continued walking until he reached a dead-end . He frowned and reached for his broadsword . He pulled it off his back and swinged it forward . The wall crumbled into pieces and Hiruma layed the sword back to its's place . The blonde continued walking .

He looked at the next dead-end he found himself in and tsked . He was about to lift his sword again but came up with a better idea . He used his ability to travel through shadows . For a moment he was in the Shadow Realm but in the next moment he was already standing in the middle of his large room . He smirked slyly and sat on his comfortable bed . The castle was like a maze to him . He hadn't remembered the whole map because he was new here . In a few minutes he layed down in the soft bed and drifted off .

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PostSubject: Re: Hiruma Youichi   Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:02 pm

I approve as Arrancar.
However if you would like the espada spot please post in Espada rankings and wait for Okami's approval.

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

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Hiruma Youichi
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