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 Rey de las sombras

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Sexta, 6th Espada

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PostSubject: Rey de las sombras   Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:30 pm

Name: Ray De Las Sombras

Release Phrase: Devour the Vermin , Ray De Las Sombras

Represent: Bat

Element: choose an element

Sealed Description: The blade is a pitch black broad sword, And the handle is a bat, Stretched out. The wings of this bat curve around to form a guard and hilt.

Initial Release: Hiruma gains a black robe and sprouts wings which are black .

Released Description: He gains a second horn, completing his demonic look. Two giant wings sprout out of his back, And his sword melts up his left arm, Solidifying into four claws that go out over his hand, Each about three feet long.

Ultimate Ability/Attack: Shadow Seal: Binds someone into their own shadow. With a more advanced form of this technique only available in his ressurcion he can actually control someone through their shadow. Seal lasts as long as he wants it to, But it has a ten post recharge, And takes quite a bit of energy, Preventing him from shooting any cero's or doing anything else that requires reiatsu. Lasts 7 posts , cooldown 3 . A person with larger Reiatsu can break the seal . (Captain , Elite Vaizard etc.) It is also dodgeable but only when you're in the aiar and don't touch the ground .

Innate Ability: Sombra Bezado(Shadow Kissed) Can move into one shadow, And out of the other. While moving through shadows he is in a “Shadow World”. He can pull other people into this shadow world. In the shadow world sight is completely obliterated, The only senses available are sound and touch. When he leaves the shadow world they will be trapped until they can sort of break the shadow's, And they'll reapear through a nearby shadow. He cannot move through shadows smaller than he is, But he can move parts of him. For example, a coconut sized shadow he can punch through, But not move his entire body through.


Shadow Storm
Hiruma is able to manipulate all the shadow around him, formind it into numerous shadow blades, that swirl around Hiruma acting both in a defensive and offensive manner.. The shadow that is used, is mixed with Hiruma's reatsu (therefore, it can cause physical damage >>) The darker the battlefield is - the more shadow is around Hiruma, the more blades the Espada can create. Again, this technique is weak against Light, since the amount of the blades Hiruma can create, depends strongly on amount of shadow. However, physical attacks do work on the shadow abldes, just like other kinds, like reatsu based attacks, can deflect the blades depending on the amount of reatsu put into it, and the amount of blades that are attacking

Shadow Mist
Hiruma opens his mouth, releasing an immense amount of his retasu, which takes a form of a thick, black, shadowy gas, which quickly spreads through the battlefield. The nature of that mist, is that it is able to completily block Hiruma's opponnet's from feeling anybody's reatsu. It also acts as the normal mist, significantly limiting the opponent's ability to see and hear. It lasts 4 posts, it's post, Hiruma's enemy's sight and hearing gets more reduced. Since the shadow is Hiruma's natural element, he can freely see and move through the mist

Avatar of Vengeance
Hiruma is able to manipulate his own shadow, to form a shadow figure, which looks like it's Hiruma's clone. The shadow that is used, is mixed with Hiruma's reatsu (therefore, it can cause physical damage >>) The shadow clone is much, much larger and taller than Hiruma, is (similar to Komamura's golem). Hiruma is able to control all the Avatar's movements - since the Avatar is made out of Hiruma's shadow, he is invulnerable to any physical attacks, however he can still be harmed by any elemental, reatsu or kido attack. The weakness of that technique is Light. Since Avatar is made out of shadow, mixed with Hiruma's reatsu its strength depends heavily on the amount of shadow around, making night - the perfect time for Hiruma's battle, and Day - the worst [Lasts 5 posts . Cooldown 3 posts]

Rules in making Techs:
1-99 posts: 3 techs 4 for espada and so on up
100-199: 4 techs
200-299: 5 techs
300-399: 6 techs.... and so on... you can add more techs as your posts goes up.

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PostSubject: Re: Rey de las sombras   Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:30 pm

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Rey de las sombras
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