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 Isaac Jiroua

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Isaac Jiroua


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PostSubject: Isaac Jiroua   Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:04 pm

Name: Isaac Jiroua

Age: 150

Visual Age: 21

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a mostly peace loving arrancar, who loves to play music. He prefers the woodwinds due to their light nature and soft, yet high sound. It soothes him. When he engages in combat, he can be a ruthless murderer. Most times he tries to finish it as quickly and painfully as possible. He tends not to start it himself. He is a master at the flute and is a kind soul when not forced to combat. He can actually make friends unlike most arrancar. He seeks to be an Espada general in the top three. So he can seek peace for his fellow Arrancar.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: The Flute, music in general, hand to hand combat, and is nearly a master with swordplay.

Dislikes: Getting attacked, a dead ally gone without him taking what power they had, dead allies in general


History: When he was alive he was a young prodigy of the orchestra. As he gradutated from music school to start his career and make millions off of composing songs and playing them, he was killed in a drive-by shooting. As his sould left his body, he was attached to one thing. His flute, the prized posession. He never left it due to the regret of a failed career. He was never found by shinigami either... One fateful day, he was sent to hell as his chain was devoured by a hollow.

As a hollow he hated to feed on the souls of the dearly departed. Because he had a consious. When a hollow has a consious, it is like a curse. Every night, he cried himself to sleep because he had forced another few souls to join his personal hell. His days were starting to get tiresome, as his size that he grew to over time made him a massive dragon-like hollow with a wingspan that could blot out the sun and a blast that could wipe out a captain if necessary. Soon enough... he discovered a way to need less souls to keep his powers high. He had discovered the Hougyoku. He used it and attained his human form.

He went back to his peace loving ways and became one of the less respected. He hides his killer instict to preserve his image.

Rp Sample:(Going for whatever the earliest espada posistion is that isn't taken)

Isaac looked upon the sad little arrancar that fought non-stop, it was sickening. He wanted to puke at them. However he held in his disgust and walked towards the castle but was stopped by one of the the pathetically arrogant arrancar.
"Hey You!" the arrancar called. Isaac sighed and walked towards him. He wandered forwards and stopped about 4 feet from the large brutish arrancar. It was sickening, the size of his disgusting muscles. "What you you want?" Isaac asked irritantly. The brutish arrancar gave an evil smile. Isaac frowned. "I need some practice, and you look weak!" the big arrancar said, a thin one snickering behind him.

The brute reached to grab and beat him up, but in a flash, Isaac had lacerated the brute's tendons. The skinny arrancar tried to attack him with a flanker, only to be roundhouse kicked, to Menos Forest. Probably literally too, but all you could hear was a loud crack and a sonic boom. That arrancar must have been a new menos when he was transformed to his human-like form. The hollows were going to have a feast that night. Isaac glared down the brutish one and the guy started backing away. "Fate is cruel is it not?" Isaac said. And with that a scream was heard piercing the silence.

Isaac sheathed his blade as he walked away towards the castle of Las Noches. The body of the brutish arrancar fell down mutilated in the background. Isaac smirked and entered Las Noches. He needed a nap.
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PostSubject: Re: Isaac Jiroua   Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:17 pm

That was a good read. Approved.

As for an Espada spot you will have to speak with Okami.
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Isaac Jiroua
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