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 Dragón musical

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Isaac Jiroua


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PostSubject: Dragón musical   Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:24 pm

Name: Dragón musical (Musical Dragon)

Release Phrase: Chillido (Screech [Initial Release])

Element: Nature and Wind

Represent: A Dragon

Sealed Zanpacktou:
Hilt is just plain white not wrapping, and it is a flute that works so it is straight and about 1.5x that hilt size.

Initial Release:

Released Description:
No Boobs. A large chestplate instead, with a hole over where Isaac's is and his hair stays the same.

Ultimate Ability: Mad Growth- He can make plants grow at an abnormally insane fast rate. Used to damage, and to block, it can grow fast enough to block a snipers bullet if Isaac can sense it as the trigger is pulled. The limit is he can only work with plants and shrubbery that are there, and he can also only work with plants withing 50 feet of him. The further away, the slower the growth. For every 5 feet of rapid growth the cooldown is 1 post. So if he hits an enemy 50 feet away with plants right near his feet, the cooldown is 10 posts

Innate Ability: The wings let him fly with more aerodynamics than outside of the ressurection. It also lets him feel wind disturbances from up to 200 meters away, to say a sniper shot at him with a standard rifle, he can feel the blast disturb the air and dodge fast.


Name: Sky Flash
Effect: He can move much faster by clearing any other air particles but oxygen out of his path, basically he can move the useless gasses that fly around in the air.
Duration or Cooldown: 1 post to use, air clearing lasts that one post as air will quickly refill where he cleared as his path, and it has a 3 post cooldown.

Name: Fruit Bombs
Effect: He can play a tune on his flute and nearby fruit will become explosive and home in on a selected spiritual pressure. They then explode on impact. Dangerous to use near watermelon vendors.
Duration or Cooldown: They will continue to home in on the opponent for 2 of Isaac's posts unless his tune is stopped. There is then about 1 post cooldown for every 2 small fruit used for bombs, 1 for every normal melon, and 2 for every watermelon used.
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Segunda, 2nd Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Dragón musical   Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:01 am

Approved, Unless anyone objects.
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Dragón musical
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