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 Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader)

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Master Quincy Leader

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PostSubject: Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader)   Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 6:25 pm

Name: Shunjuku Izanowa

Race: Quincy

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: A serious person, he tends tp know the difference between all people. He has this inward ability to sense the good in people. When in a fight he knows that what he was doing is right, but if he can sense good in a person he refuses to kill them. Only maim then brutally. He enjoys sparring and has a taste for killing. He almost never needs to Fight as most people respect the good he sees in them. He can be quite outgoing and fun loving...when he isn't serious.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Sparring, Using his quincy powers, Slaying Hollows (because they have no good in them left)

Dislikes- People who are all bad, Shinigami who try to slay a Hollow he is trying to kill, Hollow that are alive.

Appearance:Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader) Sample___Quincy_by_arhiee

History/Background: His life has always seemed to be good and normal up until his quincy powers began showing. He made friends easily, had A+'s in almost every subject, but he was always bored. Around age 9 however... he started seeing mosters, hollows he later learned they were called. He also began to show abnormal dexterity and seemed to zone out in class. It was all good until his hand began to glow... he had no clue what happened. But his quincy powers unlocked.

It scared most people so he was sent to a hospital. That was where the quincies were waiting for him. He trained his powers there up until he was about 15 when he fought his first hollow with such skill and accuracy he no longer needed training. He continued to train however and is an intense fight to enter.

Rp Sample:

Shunjuku walked through school. He held his books in his arms in a way that seemed like he was hugging them. He smiled carelessly even though some people still remembered his hand issue and looked at him blankly in a stare. As if they expected him to burst into flames. With the superhumans existing he would be surprised if he did. He continued walking through the halls and he soon bumped into a school bully. One of those all bad people. The big guy turned around and laughed.

Shunjuku was picked up by his collar and his books dropped. He couldn't break out his bow on him because he was a normal human. "You tryin' to start somethin' pipsqueak?" the bully said. "Not really, I suppose if you want to die keep picking on me," Shunjuku said carelessly. School was so boring even the bully's threats were getting old. The crowd laughed at his statement.

Shunjuku looked around. Everyone was laughing. "I guess the laughter means I have to deliver that statement..." he mumbled. "What's that? Wimp!?" the big jerk still holding Shunjuku said. And without a moment's hesitation Shunjuku kick the bully in his left side. The bully was knocked over without a grip and Shunjuku was released from his grasp. He landed ninja style and dusted himself off with his hands.

THe bully rolled a bit and got up gripping where he was hit. "Grrr... lucky shot, whelp," he snarled. Shunjuku walked up the the Bully and suddenly there was cheering. He was the favorite to win now. The bully threw a punch and him and he caught it in his right hand and began to crush it. The bully's figers snapped.

Shunjuku looked at the bully who was now afraid of what was going to happen, and shook his head. He roundhouse kicked him in the face and the bully was sent flying down the hall. When he skidded to a stop in the tiled floor of the bathroom, you could hear screaming. Of both girls and the bully. Shunjuku couldn't tell the difference though.

With that, Shunjuku gathered his books and went to his first class, all before the first bell. What a wonderful day back from the hospital.
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Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader)   Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 6:36 pm

Wow.. Approved except for leadership, But i gotta say. If you can make an rp sample that long couldn't you make a better history?
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Shunjuku Izanowa (New Quincy Leader)
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