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 naruto battles

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naruto battles Empty
PostSubject: naruto battles   naruto battles Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 2:14 am

this site is new so there is alot of spots open for the taking. it was made by me and Yao and here's the plot so far.

the world has been sent into darkness as the evil Akatsuki organization killed all of the kages but did not get control of the villages becuase of the shinobis there. At the main gate standed Riuku, Kitaro and the rest of the shinombis. The akatsuki has a new leader after pain died by naruto. His name is Uraburos. He has the same powers as Pain and even calls himself Pain. Riuku has left the village in the leafs to help others but Kitaro has stayed. The Akatsuki has taken over the Rain village and all the people in it. The Akatsuki has died off over the time but new one have showen and are stronger then ever. Riuku has been knowen to help the akatsuki at times but also will help the villages. Now it is your choice to pick what happends next.
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naruto battles
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