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 Dr. Reaper Jones

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Dr. Reaper Jones

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PostSubject: Dr. Reaper Jones   Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:26 am

Name: Dr. Reaper Jones

Age: Unkown

Visual Age: 35

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Personality: Jones is savage and ruthless genius, over twenty years of fighting for ones life made his mind state single minded when charged with a task often over doing small tasks. Jones was a test subject for a anti psychotics as a way to counter the his failing mental state that was deeply effected by fifteen years of military combat and their training turned him into a sociopath assassin.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Rape, tourcher, murder, blood play and setting fire to everything. Dislikes: those who fear death and every body who stands in his way.

Appearance: He wears 3-piece suit and overcoat with a tie and a hat that usually covers most of his face as he generally speaks with his head inclined, his super human powers and Lazarus compound enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance and strength far in excess of an ordinary being. This accounts for many of his extraordinary feats including his ability to age eight times slower then others also it gave him a rather slim body build.

History:1920 then known Victor Jones was born, on a base about fifty miles from new York city his mother and father were marines. but at the age of six his powers came to life and with them he killed his mother and father the reason for him killing them is unknown what is known that soon after that he joined the spider ops which was hidden on his base, this program trained young children in to elite soldiers each was giving training in torture military combat and tactics while giving a heightened education. quickly Jones was became known as gifted in military combat and the study of the human body, at the end of twelve years the final test was set forth as the last real combat mission one were Jones and five other lived through while the other seventeen died.

one year later during their black ops mission some one betrayed Jones and their unit, for six weeks Jones and his unit fought for their live but with a twisted joke each died from oldest to youngest. This is was the time Jones used his powers to over come the onslaught saving just one of his teammates, slowly they made there way to a base not far from their location a convoy intercepted them and aided in their escape. One mile left and the convoy was hit by a two stage bombing one took out the front while the second one hit the A.P.C which held Jones critically wounding him.

Awake from hell:
Jones awoke in a marine hospital confused, the Chaos of battle went days with out any change in is health quickly Jones grew sick losing the will to live. The major fearing he would lost his most dangerous living weapon. Asked if the Lazarus program be unlocked seeing as now there was someone to test it on, the key scientist began giving Jones small doses of the Lazarus compound which started to slow his cellular decay. After a weeks time they moved Jones to the lower levels to the chamber which would hopefully give Jones a new life; The chamber worked in two parts the first was a gas from which was sent via a gas mask and the second was a liquid bath. After ten weeks Jones grew in strength and madness no one would have thought his powers would be effected in the bath but they were wrong. The major had Jones transported to a ultra max prison which was controlled by the marines this was were he hoped that he could rehabilitate Jones and keep him from becoming a monster.

At first it was slow some anti psychotics then full on electro shock. For one year Jones plotted his escape and in the later part of the week he broke free starting his attack over whelming the prison killing all those who could not retreat. With his powers and what the Lazarus bath enhancing all of his metabolic functions, his thrust for blood he quickly became one of the worlds most wanted. One night in a Utah bar, Jones found himself under attack outnumber and he killed the attackers. A vile smile grew as the Marines had found out where he was and it was not long after he was attacked by other enhanced super humans which over whelmed him, he allowed them to take him into a reinforce solitary confinement cell which in the same day he escaped and killed most of the superhuman team. But before he could leave he went and found his old major torturing him to the point that he may never recover.

With Jones amount of reatsu; he was easily tracked by Hollows and Bounts. Being attacked almost everyday Jones grew a new feeling for battle. Becoming very skilled in escapology and used is high combat ability to last longer and longer against them. He escaped multiple traps and ambushes, his last run in with the hollows Jones became sick with rage and something changed his rage transformed him into a translucence skinned skeletal being who over powered them and killed the arrancar that controlled them. One week he stayed in that state till he learned to control it he left for Europe.

Call me in the morning:
Jones first day in Europe were challenging so many things to do but he was still hunted, Jone's mind state stayed the same looking for people to torture and many tried to stand against him and quickly were defeated. Due to hes over whelming skills and battle field tactics. Jones kept him self alive and avoided many attempts on his life after seventeen years Jones simply vanished from the world, five months later Jones made his way Karakura Town a place he heard held many new treats some would think being wanted by almost every force he would stay low but he wanted to face whats coming head on but more importantly who could stop him.

Not much is known about his transformation into his time as a plus into Gillian, a further mystery is his time as Adjuchas there are how ever bits and peaces about what took place but even that is limited. In his life as a human Jones killed over 780 people but many believe that there were many more a young soul reaper a newbie. On her own for the first time stopped him as she told him her reason for being there showing no reaction to her statement. She tried to send his to Soul Society it was her actions which lead him to kill her with her own zanpakutō it was a mistake on her part but if she was a pro, she would have stopped the attack the very chain snapped during the attack and with it a timer seemed to start with out Jones knowing. And in a week his body became that of a hollow and with it a need for souls every body that came into contact with him became targets, over four hundred souls, fell to the hunger of Jones and soon he began to feel a need to join with other like himself but only becoming a Gillian a thousand voices bounced around him as he fought to become the soul voice and with it he evolved into the next stage that is Adjuchas. His form is hidden under many shadows but his power and hunger grew he was more human looking then most and his savage actions became more clear as he would fight anything and any one. with over ten million souls Jones felt some thing a surge of power dropping down to his knees and began to shake cracks in the ground ran away from him and with a massive eruption the very ground in a twenty feet circumference which no matter remanded out side of Jones was left as a calling card.

Rp Sample: The recording of his daughters rape came to its end, its forth time playing it was a grim reminder of the torment the man was going to die from. The room he was held in was a broken down operating room the bed that was being used for torture was rusty and blood soaked, Jones had everything set up each tool he had with him was meant to rip apart his mind layer by layer. Jones moved slowly to the man who was impaled in the hands and feet each scalpel was through the muscle missing the major vain and arteries, he wanted the blood flow to keep at a slow speed blood loss would ruin the fun that will be had in the next coming moments.

Blind folded and not having any idea why he was here, the man pleaded in a broken voice cracking as he screams for answers, a vile smile slipped on to the lips of Jones. With a quick flick of his wrist a scalpel graced his hand looming above his chest Jones slowly dipped the tip in to the pectorails major not too deep just enough to set the nerves on fire while he slid it across to shoulder, the yells echoed through out the room Jones changed angles and began cutting the fibers leading down from the shoulder, Jones stopped before the man could passed out removing the blade as he walked over to a small table which held a black laptop. With the press of the mouse his wife's voice came into play, to the man pinned up it sounded as if she was right there with him she began to plead for her life sobbing intermittently after each word he called out and as a sick game she seemed to respond to him.

The recording played for five minutes, while in the mist of its ending Jones picked up a bucket of his wifes blood and in chorus of her screams it splashed on his face and chest still warm and fresh it was to test his will to live. Quickly returning to the use of his blades stepping to side of the mans face Jones began to slice into his cheeks splitting the flesh in two, Jones was careful not to completely split it in two we was saving that for a later moment when he was done he started on the other side repeating it.

"Lets put a smile on that face." spoken so cold void of any emotion Jones jammed a blade deep into the thigh after moving closer to it, and in response the man yelled but as he yelled his precut cheek's ripped open adding to the pain which seemed to be never ending. The man passed out his body could not handle what was happing and found a way to avoid the pain for a moment, but the moment was over taken by a sharp stinging the man a woke seeing a thin sliver of flesh cross his eyes no longer blind folded he was able to see the face of his tormentor but instead he saw his headless and gutted wife's body about five feet from him. Keeping his cries of pain to his self his cheeks still bleeding, his chest spilling blood every where Jones arouse from the mans sides smiling as his work was finished Jones took a bottle of vodka and poured it on the exposed muscle along with the inner workings of his bicep and for arm. No longer holding back a soul shaking scream but quickly ending for the pain in his jaw was over powering his mind was on its edge ready to fall to its death, the kill shot came at the cost of his ten year old daughter she walked into the room wearing a jeans with a bloody crotch and a bloodied chest tears streamed from both their eyes.

Stepping behind her as she stopped in the middle of the room his left hand covered her forehead and his right under her chin about five inches to the throat, using his right hand he slowly twisted her head to the right till a foul snap was heard the body crashed to the floor. No longer caring about his life the man began to spit out curses trying to free the only arm that still works, Jones grew board with the man and with a quick flick his wrist the mans throat was slit in such a way that he would suffocate before the blood left his body. Jones walked away from the messy room hoping that some one would come and stop his acts of fun and blood shed stepping up into the open world his bloody clothing seemed to hint to his actions.
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Dr. Reaper Jones
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