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 Jinshiro Shukku

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PostSubject: Jinshiro Shukku   Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:42 pm


Name: Jinshiro Shukku


Visual Age:20 years old

Race: Arrancar


Personality: Jinshiro is cold to shinigami seeing how they view themselves as righteous and will not hesitate to kill one on the spot. He is sarcastic at times and his views sometimes conflict with others. He seems to not take anything serious but in battle the smile you usually see on his face is gone replaced with a snarl. His eyes being steely gray get bright seeing how he is focused on his opponent. He is always ready to assist his comrades if need be and views woman as beautiful figures of life. He likes to provide comic relief to tense situations and will never be the one to not laugh at something. This makes other people around think him to be very funny, insane, and sometimes both but he doesn't really care.

Likes: Fighting, training, flirting, and chilling around in Las Noches.

Dislikes: He hates people that think that they are so above him that they don't have to show him any respect at all which pisses him off.

Appearance: Avatar

History/Rp sample: Jinshiro was a young knucklehead when he was human and that transgressed to his hollow life as well. Jinshiro was in college and had everything he ever wanted and wanted to be a doctor back then. He was studying in his dorm when he heard his cellphone and he picked up after a couple of rings. He wondered who it was because he had stressed this to many people how much he needed to study.

"Who is it?"

"This is someone you need not concern yourself with now do as I am about to say."

"Leave me alone you creep I have to time for idiotic threats and stupid people now goodbye."

He had pushed the button and the call was canceled as he sat there fuming about how anyone thought they could do what the man had just did. Meanwhile on the other line where Jinshiro had hung up on the man was angry. He swore under his breath that the rude boy would pay with his life and crossed his arms. Jinshiro's room was dark except for the lamp he was studying by at his desk.

He had studied through out the whole night and was tired the next morning waking up late and his exam was in a couple minutes. He rushed out the house without taking anything trying to get there in time. He was running and soon after ran out of breath on the street as cars whizzed by in the heat of the day. Soon after a van pulled up and hauled him inside before speeding off when they tied him up. A while later his body was found in the wilderness cut and very bloody as he was dead.

He woke up very tired and felt funny as he looked on at his dead body seeing himself lay there lifeless and screamed in anguish. In the process he pulled off his chain and there was an explosion and he reformed back into a dragon like hollow. He was furious and made his way back to the road where a couple passed him. He was very hungry and consumed them on the spot feeling disgusted with himself he let out another roar. Other hollows were moving to his position and he moved his head in the direction.

He dashed off in their direction taking them head on taking them all down by eating them having blood dripping from his chin. This eating did not quench the sorrow or bad emotions he was feeling as he continued to eat hollows and pluses. He went to Hueco Mundo and continued to eat many hollows and over the years shinigami too. He transgressed to adjuchas and eventually into arrancar and in the depressing world called Hueco Mundo. It was like a dream come true for goth kids but he was too happy about being here most of his life as he wandered the landcape.

He had wondered the desert scape for years encountering other hollows that he quickly cut down as he had his zanpaktou on his back. His mask fragments were located of his forehead as a headband with weird symbols on it. His hollow hole was located in his gut while he walked with the traditional arrancar clothing with the top too. He had ripped off the collar long ago because he disliked it and wore it open with the sleeves also ripped off. He was alone and sometimes he longed for company and other times he just joked saying it was better this way.

He walked through the desert looking for the place called Las Noches where it was rumored other arrancars lived and even the feared espada. He was willing to join their ranks or serve under one of them as a fraccion who would be unfadingly loyal to him/her. He looked off into the distance hearing only the usual of hollow roars echoing across the sandy wasteland. He wondered if this was the only destiny for the hollows but he wanted to find something better. He continued walking and neared the entrance of a huge dome with many pillars.

He knew he had finally reached Las Noches after so many years of searching as he looked on he saw an arrancar guarding the entrance. The arrancar had no sword meaning he was not a complete one but he kept his guard as he reached the entrance. He looked up as the dome towered over him sparkling white in the moonlight. As the other arrancar came close to him he found out he towered over him as well by at least five feet and he was 6'10 alone. His head moved back as the other arrancar looked down on him literally as he had a black circle around one eye. He was wearing the regular attire for an arrancar but it looked very large to him as he began to speak.
“Why are you here worm?”

“To gain entrance into Las Noches and serve the espada.”

“What could you do little man?”

“If you don't let me go through in a few seconds you will find out.”

The tall arrancar laughed and it boomed through out the desert and he found it very annoying as he laughed also. The arrancar stopped looking at him curiously as Jinshiro unsheathed his sword and in a second the arrancar split into two. He sheathed his sword looking at him with a grin whistling to himself as he walked through to present himself to the espada. He looked around the grounds impressed that it was sunny in here. It came as a surprise to him at first but after a while he got use to and used sonido to get to the espada to introduce himself and tell them they need a new guard.
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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Re: Jinshiro Shukku   Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:47 am

Very good, but please edit something in your history. No hollow naturally transgress into an arrancar. the process of becoming an arrancar is through successfully removing your hollow mask or by artificial amends, like how Aizen used the Hyougoku (I know I spelled it wrong). Just edit that bit and you're fine. Razz
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Jinshiro Shukku
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