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 ichijouji Takanashi (Arrancar)

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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: ichijouji Takanashi (Arrancar)   ichijouji Takanashi (Arrancar) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 10:00 pm

Before you read this app, please excuse the names. I am switching up my chars a bit so names will be different in some places. The name 'Saoin Denime' will be used, but just know that it is still all the same person.

Name: Ichijouji Takanashi

Age: 2169

Visual Age: 19

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Personality: Saosin is an extremely lazy person who just hates to be bothered. He can be social, but only when others come up to him; he is just too lazy to initiate any socialized gathering on his own. When he does get interested in something, he'll act excited and start to get more serious about it. He also hates the bount race (will be explained in history). Though he is a very lazy person, Saosin has always enjoyed a worthy fight, and he is very individualistic. He does not take to authority well at first, and thinks respect/loyalty should be given to the leaders who first show the same to their underlings. If the leader gives him shit, Saosin is going to shove it right back up his ass.

Likes and Dislikes: Ichijouji never really defined what he liked or didn't lik, it depends on his mood. He'll do many things at different times, but he prefers to be alone in a peacefule place or with good people in a cheerful environment. Other than this, what he enjyos is somewhat indistinguishible. Ichijouji dislikes arrogance, un-needed confrontation, and the bounto race (will be explained in history).

Appearance: ichijouji Takanashi (Arrancar) Saosin10

History: Saosin never really had a life as a living human being; he died at only the age of one and a half. He has no real memories, except for his death... He was in his crib trying to sleep on an early night in the middle of June while his parents were just in the other room watching Comedy Central on the fairly large television. Thy weren't rich, living in an apartment, but his father was highly respected at his job and received semi-annual raises; so they could some of the better luxuries of life. Unfortunately, it was their time. Suddenly, the apartment door busted open and four men with guns ran inside. Saosin's mother, being the good mother she was, tried to run to save Saosin and was shot down as she got to his doorway; his dead mother lay no more than seven feet from him as he stared in shock. Next, his father got up, yelling, but kept his distance as to avoid his wifes' fate. He pretended captive and when settled, one man started to walk towards Saosin as the other two scavenged the apartment for valuables. The criminal coming towards Saosin spoke.

"Aaaw and what do we have here? Such a cute little baby."

Being distracted by his partner's comment, the man guarding Saosin's father looked away for but a moment and that is when Saosin's father struck. Jumping up in haste, he drove his clenched fist directly into the man's ribcage and then kicked him aside; forcibly getting the gun from him. As the man in front of Saosin turned around to see what happened, he only saw a bullet go straight into his head. One of the men ran down the hall anbd was able to shoot Saosin's father in the leg before Saosin's father shot him twice in the chest.

The last man walked behind Saosin's father and Saosin's father quickly turned around and took his last shot; unfortuntaely this was no ordinary man. The bullet was stopped by some large snake thing. This man would later be confirmed as a bount, the snake being his doll. The snake then wrapped itself around Saosin's father and suffocated him to death. Both of his parents were killed right before his eyes and he was full-out bawling now. The man simply came over to Saosin and pointed th gun at him.

"You're annoying."

With that, he shot the small boy and he died almost instantly. Separate and alone, the dead little boy wandered about; easy prey for the hollow. instead of being eaten though, he was brought to an odd place, through Hellish gates. There his soul was devoured and became an adjuchas class menos hollow. Even at such a young age, it seemed his reiatsu powers did have potential, seeing as he was an adjuchas already. Scavenging about, his new hollow self scavenged mostly other weaker hollow. One day though, while strolling about Hueco Mundo, he stumbled upon an ambush. An adjuchas led three menos grande and several other lower hollow against Saosin. Saosin held his own for a bit, but was eventually overhwhelmed. He was being clawed at over and over and one of the hollow latched onto his mask; probably unknowingly. Tugging and pulling, this hollow eventually completely removed the mask and, all of a sudden, a large bright light flashed. Saosin never lnew that devouring oter hollow was unusual for the hollow race, but it actually mant he was destined for greater things, like becoming a vasto lorde or an arrancar. On this day, his mask removal triggered the arrancar process. His form began more human-like and his skin was white as the other hollow around him were absorbed into him for further purposes. He had an odd circular hole in his chest.

As a newly born arrancar, the only memory, of his death, returned to him and he felt awkwardly sophisticated. Through living and as a hollow, he had never really 'grown up' so the knowledge of language, walking, proper lifestyling, and such were still unknown to him, yet, he was able to use them as an arrancar. A blade lay at his side and a fragment of his mask still lay on his forhead. His life as an arrancar was ready to begin... Well, to be precise, his first ever full continuation of life. as his life as a human was but short and as a hollow, your life is only eating and sleeping basically so, you could say, Saosin was being reborn; for a second chance. And from this day, he swore revenge on the bounto for his parents and himself.

Rp Sample:

Sly eyes overlooked the vaizard once more, only to revert back to Kush. Seemed as if Kush hadn't thought that the rogue had progressed much in his away time... This specific rogue never liked to over-estimate oneself or underestimate one another; this was no different. Ina perfect honesty, this Yaouchi man was nothing impressive in the eyes of the Overseer. Though powerful, this newbie Elite could not match the concentrated power of a more experienced warrior such as this Former. It was not that the rogue vaizard decided to agitate the Elite or heighten his own self-esteem, but the simple fact was that this man named Yaouchi was just a new kid on the block looking for fame; he may be powerful yet, but this vaizard had rose to the highest extent... Not even Kush could determine power gained by Ichijouji; it had just been too long to tell. The only possible way to discover the rogue's newfounded power was to physically test it in a formal spar, but Kush probably did not even have the wince of a spar cross his mind so until an adversary worthy of Ichijouji's second release arrives, then dormant techniques will continue to lay astray.

Another thing perturbed the vaizard.... Who was this shinigami speaking of such blasphemy? She apparently needed to journey off into nowhere to find some sort of item that is important to her and when other offer assistance, she declines?!? Heh! Damned people now-a-days always think they don't need anyone's help and that they can do it alone; why the hell are they so stubborn. They might senses numerous reiatsu's... OH WAH! Ichijouji had much experience with those who were hunted... Being hunted, defending the hunted, hunting, only to name a few instances. If you're alone on a journey, they will still find you and it seems that the harder you try to avoid controversey, the more likely it is for you to be caught. "If" is not the situation, is is "when" you get caught that matters. Now, when one is caught, would one rather be caught alone to fend for themself or have accompanied allies to assist in escape efforts; there is no competition. Blind-sighted fools who decide they need to be alone for their own safety can only be ashamed that their friends will worry when you rejected their offering.

To relay back to the occuring matter at hand, this woman of foolish haste declared her time of leave had become. This was Karakura, no more than a humble leutenient would enter the area unless under strict orders from th Captain Commander himself so there was nothing to worry about. No unexpected overwhelming opponent was going to randomly appear to kill this woman; she needed to relax and coordinate herself. No one is coming, or going to come, she was safe and sound inside a cluster of friends and aquaintences. If anything, the numerous amounts of reiatsu signatures would distort hers so if any high-ranking enemy of hers was to enter Karakura, then they would not be able to properly configure if a reiatsu was hers or just someone elses'. Nonetheless, Ichijouji waled out something in between a yawn and a whales' mating call. Boredom really did tire a man more swiftly than any physical labor and Takanashi Ichijouji desired some kind of spar or exciting engagement before he took leave for evening retirement.

"Neeeeh, Kush-san.... You know I'm only kidding... I just really wanted to get some violent action before I go shove off for a nap 'cuz I been really bored lately. The last challenging fight I can remember was with you all those months or years back; hell I don't remember how long it was, but we nearly killed each other hehe... Ended in a draw.... But anyway, I have just been fuckin' around tryin' to find someone to fight 'cuz I'm stupid like that. So if you know anyone that wants ta' go all out, gimme a ring."

Sounded a bit like Ichijouji was going to leave soon and maybe he would if the occasion bored him enough, but for now he would chill out here in hopes of a worthy opponent. It had been so long since this wandering vaizard had an exhilerating fight that Honoshate and Kyodake became even more lazy than himself and sleep just about 24/7. Fefraction of light beams caused pink and orange discoloration in the late afternoon sky as small crowds of clouds rode in to greet oncoming night. By the looks of it, it was most likely around four or five PM at the latest. Humble veil of the nightly sky would soon pour over Karakura like a thick blanket which means if Ichijouji did not find someone to spar quickly, then he'd have to bounce and try again tomorrow.
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ichijouji Takanashi (Arrancar)
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