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 Firin' MA' LAZAAAR!!!! BYAH!!! <.<

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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Firin' MA' LAZAAAR!!!! BYAH!!! <.<   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:48 pm

Name: Katame Shinjitsu (Fortifying Faithfulness)

Release Phrase: Sakujo, Kisshin.

Element: Metal


Sealed Zanpacktou: It is shown in my avatar.

Initial Release: There is no blade in his release

Released Description:
Just minus the sword Razz.

Ultimate Ability: Goudatsu (Extortion) - This is perhaps Ichijouji's most powerful technique of all time. This technique is pretty much exactly like kakuzu's technique from naruto. Large thick wiring, made of aluminum oxide, will break out from every possibly part of his body and his limbs will be spread about in the same style allowing the thousands of wires to reach in every possible direction. These wires have, somewhat, a sense of consciousness. Being infused and created by Ichijouji's reiatsu, they will defend and attack for him in very basic manners. By manipulating the wires by hand, they will move 3x faster. Seeing as these wires are made out of the 2nd hardest element on earth, aluminum oxide, breaking them is not exactly a good strategy. Though it is possible, it will take a lot of effort and Ichijouji can simply create more. This technique will last as long as Ichijouji needs (the entire battle), but there are quite a few drawbacks. For one, NO other techniques are allowed to be used during this one; this technique is just too powerful that using anything else would put too much of a strain on his body. When stretching out his limbs, Ichijouji is not hurt because he is using some of the wiring to keep the limbs still physically connected to each other so that bodily functions such as respiration, digestion, blood circulation, and otherwise will still continue through, thus, good health is maintained. Seeing as this is a very wide area technique, mobility as generally limited. Ichijouji can shunpo/move in straight lines with no problem, but any complicated movement like flips or twists or turns will prove difficult or usually unsuccessful. After releasing this technique, Ichijouji will usually have barely enough energy to walk away, if that much. Ichijouji controls the movements of his wiring physically by making certain 'flicking' of his fingers, sort of a secret language between him and the wires; like a puppet.
(2 posts to completely release the technique, no cooldown, 1 use)

Manifestation of the technique: (This is just to give you all a general idea of what the technique does.)

Innate Ability: Ichijouji's entire body, inside and out, has retained the physical properties of aluminum oxide; the second strongest/hardest element on earth. Tihs means that he is severely resistant to fire attacks, in the event that aluminum oxide's melting point is 2072 degrees celsius. Now, seeing as Ichijouji isn't really made of aluminum oxide, if a fire tech can hurt him, then he will burn like every other individual. Other than the fire resistance, Ichijouji is also amazingly resistant to every other kidn of attack as well. The opponent must be a great deal stronger than himself in order to even cut him while still sealed. Even in a released state (Bankai, resurrection, etc.), it will be seriously difficult to hurt him. Seeing as this technique is so powerful in terms of defense, Ichijouji has no need for a hierro and, as such, does not have one; he may be the only arrancar that doesn't.


Demonio Titánico Cero - This cero is like no other in terms of power. This cero, being the only cero in his arsenal (other than the default cero, grand rey, and oscuras), packs more than just a punch. Taking 4 posts to charge completely, This cero comes out as pure white and covers an area of 700-800 yards. The enormous size is also accompanied by boisterous power. It is more than two times the power of an oscuras and is one of the most powerful cero in all of Las Noches, if not the most powerful. Blocking it, to Ichijouji, is relatively a suicide mission and the only motive is to attempt and avoid the blast. Of course, with such a monstrous cero, there are drawbacks. For example, no techniques are able to be used for the next 4 posts after useage and whichever arm he uses to mechanize the cero will be crippled for the next five posts. Even after five posts, his arm will be only compliable to 65% of its original capacity.
(Charge time is 4 posts, 15 post cooldown, only 2 uses per battle)

Side-note: Before you people go all "This is too OP for a stupid arrancar!", I have applied for an espada position and, considering my history of RP'ing, I can truthfully say I can guarantee that spot as an espada. That is why I made these techs and such, thank you.
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Firin' MA' LAZAAAR!!!! BYAH!!! <.<
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