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 Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D

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Shinzui Debiru
General of the Gotei 13
Shinzui Debiru

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Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D Empty
PostSubject: Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D   Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 2:07 am

Name: Pyuadoku (Pure Poison)


Release Phrase: Leave the Fatal Blow, Pyuadoku

Family: Poison/Acid

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpaktou: 2 Normal Purple Hilted Katana

Shikai: The blades are now a dark black. The hilts are connect by a retracting chain that can extend up to 100 meters.

Shikai Ability: (his shikai also gives him immunity to every poison that is known to man) The blade is covered in a particular poison. There is no way for the opponent to be given an immunity to it. There is two ways to use this poison. By slashing downwards or other fighting motions that include the sword, Shinzui can create a wave of this poison and shoot it out at the opponnet. (Just so you know, the poison is a liquid) It is about the size of Ichigo's reiatsu wave and has about the same destructive power. Or Shinzui can simply slash or cut the opponent for the poison to take effect. This poison causes paralysis to where it cuts. It takes only 3 posts for there to be full paralysis on the area that was cut. Although 10 posts after the area was cut, so basically 7 after there was full paralysis, the paralysis starts to spread along the body. Meaning if the wrist was cut, then the hand and arm would start to get paralyzed. Although it doesn't stop. Every post the opponents body gets a little more paralyzed. So if their back was cut, then from the back it would go to the arms and legs and neck. (so basically its like a slow kill >>) The spreading of the paralysis would only stop if the opponet pratically cut off their arm or if they had an antidote.

Bankai: N/A

Bankai Ability: N/A


Name: Poison Gas
Effect: Out of the sword, it releases a small quantity of mustard gas that covers an area of 10 square meters. The burning sensation it causes on contact with the skin is similar to that caused by oil from black mustard seeds. The compound is not a gas but a colorless, oily liquid with a somewhat sweet, agreeable odor; it boils at 217°C. A powerful vesicant, mustard gas causes severe blistering even in small quantities. Highly irritating to the eyes, it quickly causes conjunctivitis and blindness. If inhaled, it attacks the respiratory tract and lungs, causing pulmonary edema. (Kensei has gained an immunity to this poison)
Duration and or Cooldown: The gas last for 3 posts and has an 8 post cooldown.

Poison Wires- By using his zanpakuto's poison, Shinzui takes out some of the poison from the sword. (of course the sword regererates that poison at a high speed due to the fact of my shikai ability, i would need to be able to) Using his mind, (and even his hands if he doesn't want to use his mind to focus >.>, but the wires can go up to the speed of the admired flash step)), he is able to create wire-like beams of reiatsu that he can fully manipulate. Using the wire-like form, he condenses his reiatsu and mixes it with the poison giving it very destructive power. Meaning he could cut a building in half. He can control the direction, speed, etc of the wires and can even use it to protect himself. He can create several wires but the destructive power is divided between them. It's also control somewhat like byakuya's shikai, the wires don't have to touch him or his zanpakutos for him to move them, he can pretty much control and create them from a 20 meter mile radius around him. This is done when he leaks his reiatsu out into the air and creates streams of reiatsu in that 20 meter radius around him. So basically its not wise to be that close to him. Although yes, he can create the wires from his zanpakutos considering hte fact he's using the poison from the blades.

(btw, he can use this technique in bankai by creating it the same way, by taking poison from the blades of his scythe and in bankai, the destructive power is also doubled but do to that, the cooldown is doubled as well.)

Duration of the poison wires- 5 posts
Cooldown- 10 posts

Suifunshutsu (Acid Eruption)- Suddenly acid rings start to form around Shinzui. Each of the acid rings have a diameter of 1 yard. There are 10 rings. All of the rings surround his body. In hte middle of the rings, a small orb of reiatsu mixed acid forms. Then immediately, The orbs explode and burst out with a diameter of 1 yard. The acid gradually grows larger as it bursts out from the orb. Which means acid "erupts" out from all sides of Shinzui.

Acid Effects- This acid is a new "flammable" acid. Once this acid makes contact with any substance, that substance will be caught on fire. immediately.

Cooldown- 5 posts

Bankai Name: Zajunsui Pyuadoku (The True Pure Poison)

Bankai: Kensei now holds a scythe with a 3 yard long staff and a dark black blade on each end. Each of the blades face the opposite way meaning if the staff was spun then the blades would be spinning the same way. In the middle of the staff, the double bladed scythe can be put into half. inside of where the staff is taken apart, there is a chain that can extend to 100 meters. The chain is also black. The blades are also coated with a poison that makes the area it hits go numb. Along with his weapon, he is now wearing the same black trench coat as his manifestation.

Bankai Ability: Besides the bankai's normal ability, because of the small bankai, most of the bankai power is condensed (like ichigo's bankai) into the small form meaning that most of the bankai is put into Kensei's speed and strength. His speed is the flash step doubled and his strength is doubled as well. Even though bankai strength is usually stronger, Kensei's bankai is stronger than that. The normal ability of this bankai is that he can control his poison in a liquid form. He can create this poison and form it from his zanpakuto and the surfaces around him. He can control the poison's direction, speed, etc. Also he can control on how he makes the poison attack. He could make a cero-sized blast of poison and/or make small beams erupt from the surfaces around him. He can also make poison waves. Not to mention he can make a shield of the liquid poison around him that is similar to a water sphere shield. Basically it's just the same poison spinning around him at high speeds protecting him and possibly hurting the enemy. In other words, he can fully manipulate the poison at his will so basically he can control the poison with his mind or his hands and he can even control it with his scythes. One of the odd ways to use it considering his speed is that he can make a busrt of the poison erupt from under him shooting him up into the air. Keep in mind that he has an immunity to every poison that is known. So you'd think he would have an immunity to a poison that he created... which he does.

Now on to what the poison does. This poison is like the Botulinum but to a higher extreme. Since this is bankai, the poison does not take as long to take effect. If this poison touches your skin, the skin will start to get extremely irritated in just a few seconds. This is basically used to distract the opponent. Although the irritation doesn't give in and go away unless the opponent has a way to heal himself from it. Although there is no immunity to this poison so if the opponent has an ability to heal the effects of the poison, it doesn't mean that they can or will grow and immunity to it. After one post, a paralyzing effect will take place. The poison will sink through the skin and take control of the nerves and basically.... freeze them in some way. Thus that area is paralyzed. The only bad thing is that it doesn't affect the irritation, while the opponent can't use the area that the paralysis took place, they will still have the terrible irritation. Although it takes 3 posts for this to fully take effect although captain strength opponents take 6 posts before they are fully paralyzed. So each post the paralysis will slightly get worse and worse. If this poison hits the opponents eyes, the poison will enter the eye and blind them as long as his bankai is activated. If this poison enters the body, it will travel through the bloodstreams and give off an infection that causes a bad headache, nausea, terrible coughing and sneezing, a bad stomach, and it will cause the opponent to feel drowsy. Basically like a high fever. Allthough it would take 3 posts after this enters the body for it to fully take affect. Meaning every post it will be like the paralysis effect and it will slightly get worse and worse. Unless the opponent has some way to heal himself from the effects, it will not fully stop 'til Kensei unactivates his bankai.

and just so you know, this isn't op with the effects, it should be avoidable unless the opponent isn't as strong as Shinzui.
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Ichijouji Takanashi

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Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D   Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 2:32 am

I see this as fair...

Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D Pedobe10
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Zan Remake, hey, no one can stop the rage of Pyuadoku >D
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