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Mizuki Akahana

Mizuki Akahana

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PostSubject: Tsugatsa   Tsugatsa Icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 10:05 pm


Manifestation:Tsugatsa Mizuki10 Tsugatsa looks like an angel. She has beautiful white wings and wears a white dress. She has short brown hair with golden eyes.

Release Phrase:"Spread your wings and fly, Tsugatsa!"

Level:shikai and bankai


Sealed Zanpacktou:Tsugatsa looks like a regular kantana. The hilt has a sky blue wrapping.

[shikai]Released Zanpacktou:Tsugatsa turns into two blade fans. One is red and one is blue and they both have dragons on them.

Shikai Ability:Tsugatsa can manipulate the wind and cause it to be as calm or as furious as she wants. She can also throw them like a frisbi and attack with them that way (they do return to her).

[Bankai is only for Captains and Elite Vaizard]

Bankai zanpacktou:Tsugatsa joins together and becomes one big fan. This fan is white with a dragon running across it. The dragon is blue in color.

Bankai Ability:Tsugatsa's abilities don't change between shikai and bankai. Really the only difference is that she stand (or kneel) on it to fly for a short distance to attack her opponent (i.e. hand-to-hand combat).

Techniques: (Must have this template for all new Tech's)

Name:Sen Tengoku Satto Kiru (1000 Heavenly Slashes)
Effect:The wind takes on a blades form and lots of blades attack the enemy. There is no garentee that the blades hit because this attack covers a large area. 4 post for the cooldown (2 by user and 2 by opponent)
Duration and/or Cooldown:The duration is only a few minutes and then things return to calm.

Effect:Mizuki throws tsugatsa at opponent. Again no promise of hitting the opponent.
Duration and/or Cooldown: Last until tsugatsa returns to mizuki. Basically one or two throws (there are two fans in shikai and one in bankai). 2 post cooldown (1 by user and 1 by opponent)

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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Re: Tsugatsa   Tsugatsa Icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 10:30 pm

Just put a 4 post cooldown on your first tech and then a 2 post mcooldown on your 2nd tech. Other than that,

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