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 Shinzui Debiru, The General of the Gotei 13

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Shinzui Debiru
General of the Gotei 13

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PostSubject: Shinzui Debiru, The General of the Gotei 13   Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:26 pm

Name: Shinzui Debiru

Race: Shinigami

Age: 17

Visual Age: 1020

Gender: Male

Division: 1st Division

Personality: Shinzui is a kind person. He likes to have fun and does his best to help. Despite his appearance, he is actually quite older than most so he is quite mature. Most people would probably underestimate him because of his looks. It's only because he had died on Earth instead of being raised in the Soul Society. Being a very smart Person, he was quite nice instead of being cocky. He liked to be helpful and is a very good person.

Likes and Dislikes: He Likes Girls (I wonder how many people have thought of putting that O.o), Sake, having friends, having fun, napping, sometimes a good fight is nice but he is kind of lazy >>

Dislikes: He hates bad attitude, even though hes the general he hates to work but will do it easily, he hates wars and he thinks that being childesh will get you no where.



Growing up in the human world was fairly easy for boy known as Shinzui Debiru. Being smart and athletic, he was able to pass his grades and play a lot of sports. Yet that wans't his true passion, he wanted to learn how to sword fight. Swordsmanship was all he wnated. His parents thought it was quite stupid to have such a dream but Shinzui believed it was a great thing. He wanted to not only fight with hand to hand combat but to master the sword and be a samuri. Well, this was because he grew up in a town off in the mountains where swordsmenship was often practiced. Somehow convincing his parents to let him join a kendo class, he learned to use both hands to make a more powerful slash. Using both hands when you sword fight was called Kendo, hince the name of the class. Growing up, he left Elementary School and joined Junor High. That was where his athletic career started. He joined the Football Team and automatically became as some would say, "popular". Still acing his grades and doing his best, he felt that the use of one sword during a sword fight may not be enough. Practicing on his own, he learned to use duel blades. 2 one handed katanas that may or may not help you in a fight. Growing up, he matured and became an intelligent samuri. Well, not exactly Samrui. Since Samuri are the those who fought under a governemnt as soldiers who fight with swords . At the moment in the real world, guns are much more popular nowadays.

Going into HIgh School, he became a freshman. Having been cool in Junior High, his reputation wasn't killed by being a freshman. Over the years, he became better and better with all that he did. Practicing his duel swordsmanship, acing his tests, and winning the football games, he had a very lucky life. Which would be soon over. In his Junior year in High school, a fatal incident occured. During Science Class, a very funny but terrible accident was about to happen. They were testing different uses of acid. Accidently his partner dropped some acid in a test tube that had the exact negative in it. Yet they weren't supposed to go together. Coming up in a puff of smoke, Some acid hit Shinzui's neck making him shout, "Holly crap!". Jumping from his chair, all the while holding his neck, he dashed over and hit a table. More acid falling from test tubes on him, he spun off the table, crashed through a window, and fell down 3 stories landing on a bench. Needless to say, he died.Waking up, there wasn't any scars or anything from the acid and he hadn't braken any bones from falling. Wondering what miracle could've happened, he stood up and saw a teacher walking by. Walking up to her, he asked, "Hey, um... yeah... i just fell and um... could you tell me what happened?" Yet the teacher didn't talk to him, she didn't even look at him. Hating the fact that he had been ignored, he shouted what he had just said with no response.

Cursing his bad luck, he walked into the school and found hundreds of students coming his way. His eyes growing larger from shock, none noticed him at all. Not to mention they were all running his way. Being athletic, he turned around and sprinted out the door and away from the school. Gasping for air after sprinted that far, he noticed something on his chest. It seemed that there was a chain on his chest. His eyes widening again, he stepped back and looked around. Trying not to scream, he walked around in circles saying the same thing over and over again, "holy crap... holy crap... holy crap... holy crap..." It wasn't the fact that everyone was ignoring him... it was the fact that there was a chain attached to his body. Yet his luck wasn't about to get any better. Suddenly a black void ripped open the sky. Falling backwards, he hadn't the slightest idea on what was happening. Then... a whtie head popped out that was similiar to a mask along with a dark grew body. Gasping again, he saw a large hole around it's chest. Looking down at his chest, he was scared thinking that he would become like him. Although his luck wasn't burned dead yet. Suddenly a man wearing a black komono, holding a katana, and wearing a grin stood before him. The man had said this, "Don't worry, you're safe now" With a fierce yell, the man had dashed forward at the monster and had planted his sword straight in the evil white mask. Suddenly appearing before him, the man pushed the back of the hilt of the katana on his forehead... and he blacked out.

Waking up, he found himself in a place that resembled a town. Sitting up, he looked around and saw many people walking aorund as if they were doing their daily life. Standing up, he stretched and walked up to a man that seemed to be about 25. "Hey Mister, um... could you tell me where i am?" Then quite rudely, the man laughed and spoke, "heh heh, well mate, you're in Rukongai! The poorest districts in all 'o Soul Society!" Raising an eyebrow, SHinzui thought that the man was making fun of him, "Now look... Mate? Don't joke with me!" Then the man mimicked him and raised an eyebrow, "Well then, looks whos getting all mistery snippy, i tell'in ya the truth, this be Rukongai in Soul Society, the place where you go after you die down in Earth!" Gasping, Shinzui turned his head and saw the group of people the man had been talking to earlier was nodding. Turning around, he waved his hand and ran off to explore. Asking everyone where he was, he seemed to get the same answer. Rukongai... Rukongai... Soul Society... Rukongai... Confused at where he had been put, he wondered why everyone acted so different. There was people from everywhere here, all around the world ...back in Earth. Scratching his chin, he looked around for somewhere to live.Having found a place to live somewhere in the district he had chosen, it wasn't the poorest but it fitted him nicely. Mostly everything was cheap and he could easily steal what he couldn't buy. Then he heard news of there being an academy for those who want to fight with swords.

Wanting to learn what this, "academy" was, he eagerly asked the people who were talking about it. It seemed it was a shinigami academy, the soul reapers who saved the souls down from Earth and vanquished/killed the hollows that tryed to eat the souls. It all seems that shinigami use swords and some kind of magic, reiatsu. Also they mentioned something about kido, the demon magic or whatever. He hadn't listened much to that part of this so called lesson. Wanting to become a shinigami, he waited for the next opening to join the academy.It was a great day for Shinzui, the academy had just opened and he had been accepted as a gifted student and placed in all the advanced classes. From swordsmanship to kido, he learned about everything there was to know of a shinigami. Yet he was a special case. During the academy when you got your zanpacktou. Everyone recieved one katana while Shinzui gained 2. His dream came true, he was going to be a duel weidling swordsm-shinigami! Coming up to his last year in the academy, he was quite proud of his accomplishments Acing the last exams for all his classes, he was put into the 1st Division Squad.Gaining his shikai, Shinzui Debiru found himself to be even more powerful. His duel zanpacktous were even stronger in the released mode that is shikai. Which is true for every zanpacktou. An unreleased zanpacktou may be strong but it's true power hasn't been fufilled.

From gaining his shikai, he had been made the 3rd Seat of the 1st Division. Striving to do better, he challenged the 1st division Lieutenant to a duel for their ranks. If he won, he would be the vice-captain, if he lost, everything would remain the same. Stupidly, the vice captain had accepted thinking he was way more powerful than the 3rd Seat. Wrong. Easily beating the former vice-captain, he had gotten the rank and was praised even more by the members of the 1st division. While the new 3rd seat was laughed at. Although that 3rd seat was still more powerful than the rest giving him the advantage. Still, Shinzui was extremely happy that he was able to gain his vice-captain rank. Now with the look of a 17 year old, he wasn't a young vice-captain... actually he was never young, it was just that he looked young from his appearance. He was actually quite old and mature unlike some of the other Vice-captains. Even so, gaining his shikai had done a lot for him, from gaining his 3rd seat rank to becoming the vice-captain, his powers were limitless... so to say. It was a terrible incident. From the loss of a child to it's mother is a terrible terrible (not a typo) thing, the Sixth Division Captain had died. Not by living very long, but from going down to Earth, one of the rumored "vasto lorde' had showed up after sensing the captains power and had killed him. It was a terrible thing indeed.

All of the 6th Division had mourned over him hating the fact that a "stupid" hollow had killed their Captain. ALthough it was a secret, after years and years of training, Shinzui had already obtained his bankai, only his Captain knew. Without his captain telling him, he had presented the fact that Shinzui was a great shinigami that had got his bankai already and deserved to be the 6th Division Captain. Being presented to it, he had been looked over by the captain commander, his captain, and 2 other Captains, the 5th and 3rd. Showing his bankai to them, he answered several questions and completed a course in the training area. Passing their test, he was presented to the 6th division and went to his first Captains meeting... as the 6th Division Captain, Captain Debiru.Being a Captain was quite hard in some ways, constand work, training the 6th Division, Captains meetings, his daily duties, it was like a mountain of paperwork falling on you then expecting you to finish it all... which wasn't exaclty sarcasm. Having several years as a captain, he got more and more powerful and his abilities were stronger, faster, smarter, everything you could think of was there. He was even stronger than the other Captains. From all the accidents/inicidents that had occured, he was currenlty the oldest Captain even if he didn't even look that old. Then... then the 1st division captain... the captain commander... had died from a terrible illness from a battle down at Earth. The battle had caused several wounds giving him a major infection in each, working together, they had caused him to die.

Some coudl say that it was bad when a Captain died... but when someone as strong as the captain commander died... it was extremely bad. The one that had lead all the shinigami, the one in charge of the captains, and the strongest shinigami of all the Gotei 13 court guard squads... it was... hard to even speak about. Being elected by all the other captains, he was made the General of the Gotei 13. Shinzui Debiru... the captain commander.... he was speechless.

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Cero Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Shinzui Debiru, The General of the Gotei 13   Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:23 pm

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Shinzui Debiru, The General of the Gotei 13
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