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 Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada

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PostSubject: Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada   Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 8:05 pm

Name: Okami Kuromaru

Age: 6000+

Visual Age: Early 20s

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Personality:Okami is what some would call a ‘lone wolf’ kind of person, preferring to ponder things on his own, yet whilst he prefers to be on his own he often feels lonely and hates himself because of it. Whilst for the most part he seems calm he has known to snap and faceplam an arrancar through a wall, to does not suffer fools and any mistake will most likely result in a point blank cero to the face or an arm being ripped off, he hates anyone that begs for their life, thinking if they have to beg they don’t deserve to live.

When he is calm he is very stand offish than, not talking much yet wanting someone to just sit with him in silence.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes – being my himself, punishing others, hunting, killing, feeding, quite company, taking naps.

Hates – being by himself (ya he is odd like that), idols that go against his orders, other arrancar that bug him, being woken up.

Appearance: Avatar, put going to expand on it a bit – he stands 6’5, his mask fragment his the top jawbone, complete with fangs, of some kind of predatory animal on the left side of his face, his hollow hole it in the centre of his chest. His Espada tattoo is in his right wrist hidden under the wrappings.

History: *Yawn*

That was the way he normally greeted every morning, Okami stretched and rubbed his face sleepily, despite the fact that he has been awake for the past 2 hours, the old 11th division captain now squad 0 member never shifted his lazy ways, he scratched the back of his head as he walked down one of the many corridors in the Kings realm, he was one of the founding members of the squad, who came to the Kings aid when the Dragon God, Ryuujin, attacked the Spirit King, he mused back on the event, it was one of the most fearsome battles ever seen in all of history but now he was bored, he was honed to be promoted to one of the Kings body guards but for the next few hundred years things had been…. Quite.

With no invaders Okami had only needed to draw his zanpakuto only in sparing matches with his comrades, and when you have been fighting with someone for the last 1000 years it was no longer fun, he yawned again turning a corner and entering the guards meeting room, sighting to himself when he found he was the last one to show up.

“Well, well glad you could join us sleeping beauty.” one of his comrades jibed.

“Quite,” he snored back, before he yawned again, “its not MY fault someone decided to get drunk and make me do their night shift.”

“What’s that? The legendary Okami Kenpachi got bullied into doing another’s work?” another giggled.

“I’m not the squad 11th captain anymore so you can drop the Kenpachi already.”

He sat down at the table, folding his arms in front of him in its wooden surface, he then laid his head down on his arms and closed his eyes attempting to go back to sleep, that was till he was smacked on the back of the head by his commanding officer, he glared at him and grumbled as he rubbed his head even though it did not hurt.

“We have reports that Ryuujin has returned and is now an Arrancar, at this moment of time he is attacking Soul Society.”

With throws words Okami was back in the heat of battle, his zanpakuto was covered in thick hollow blood as he cut through the seemingly endless mass of them, the only thing he could hear was his blood rushing around his head, this is what he had missed for all the years a real fight. It came in a flash of black and burning embers, Lanza blocked the clawed hand of the arrancar that looked to slash open his torso.

“Long time no see, Okami.” the black haired dragon horned arrancar growled.

“Ryuujin!” he snarled, “I will defeat you just like last time!”

Okami’s body jerked as pain spread through his system, the tang of copper filling his mouth as he looked down, Ryuujin’s hand had passed through his chest and into his heart.

“Oh what was that?” the hollow laughed, “I could not hear over the sound of your flesh giving in to my attack.”

The new few years where a blur to him, he could remember turning into a hollow but after that…. It was like his mind could not hold and comprehend any memory, the only thing he could realize was a deep hunger that made him hunt and eat souls with out a thought, he did not know how many years passed like this, in a confusing chaos of hunger and darkness before he became more aware of what he was, his form, his way of hunting and the endless night over him, it was at this time he found a hunger for living souls and even Shinigami.

After… he did not know how long, he found himself being drawn to other hollows and feasting upon them in some depraved feeding frenzy, he did not know what happened but soon he found himself back in the world of darkness and confusion, it was like he was trapped in a dark pit and there was others drying to drag him down and smother him, but he did not give up he clawed his way to the surface and soon found himself the controlling mind of a Gillian-class hollow.

That is when the hunger returned tenfold, he devoured the other Gillians around him in a starved rage and soon evolved into an Adjuchas, he ran across the endless desert of Hueco Mundo, killing and feeding on every hollow he came across, till one night under the endless moon something happened, he bit deep into the body of another hollow, feeling the blood run down his face as he chewed on the hunk of meat, with a gulp it slid down into his stomach. A spark ran through his body as it started to shake, a shudder ran though his body, and another, and another, till he had lost control, he clawed at the sand as his own power started to flux wildly, he found himself laughing when it stopped.

“Vasto Lorde,” he laughs to himself as he rose in a new body.

For the next few hundred years he spent his time.... alone, he had no underlings, no followers of any kind and when he did find another hollow, Vasto lorde or other, he killed them. He wondered about from one end of white dunes to the other, not knowing what he was really looking for, sitting on one of the rocks he gazed up at the full moon, then something happend that he had not done for over 400 years.


He rose a hand up to rubbed his face, but was shocked to find a mask there, he ran his clawed fingers over it, wonder why it was there, finding the edge of his mask he tugged at it.

Needless to say, the rest is history.
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Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada Empty
PostSubject: Re: Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada   Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 12:33 am

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Okami Kuromaru - 0/10th Espada
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