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 Elite Superhumans

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Cero Espada

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Join date : 2009-07-12

PostSubject: Elite Superhumans   Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:30 pm

These are the list of the current Elite Super Humans.

1.Gouryoku Hanshin-Yaouchi-Leader

2.Saijuukei Hanshin-Vice-Rikuna

3.Seiei Hanshin-Pieter Van Hassel

4.Hanshu Hanshinl-(Unclaimed)

5.Tarazu Hanshin-(Unclaimed)

6.Shuryou Maina-(Unclaimed)

7.Saijuukei Maina-(Unclaimed)

8.Oumono Maina-(Unclaimed)

9.Kishi Maina-(Unclaimed)

10.Buben Maina-(Unclaimed)


Main Requirements:

1.) When Rping in any way you must use Paragraph style.
2.) You must be approved by the Leader.
3.) You need to have achieved somehow an Evolved Ability.

Open seat Requirements:
If there is an open seat for a TAO here is the requirements.

1.) The leader will evalutate your skills by there own means and if you are accepted your rank will be assigned.

Not Active:

If you're not online/post within two weeks (and have not informed the leader/staff memebers) you will be removed automatically from your rank.


1. If you already have another account on the site, then your second character will have to begin as a regular superhuman, and challenge to get into the elites. Second accounts will not be handed elite spots.

2. I WANT ACTIVE ELITES! Life can get busy, and so long as you notify us that you are going to be off for a few days, that is fine. But if you are constantly on only once a week or a blue moon, you WILL be kicked.

4. If you were kicked from the elites for inactivity, you do not get to ask for a position. You will have to wait to challenge the 10th elite and work your way up.

5. Elites are not allowed to post one liners, they should be decent rpers and so I want at least a paragraph when they write. need to make sense when you write so we understand what you're trying to say (we have had problems with this before). Even if you get accepted into the Elites, keep your RPing standards up or you shall be removed for declining RP skills.

6. If you are part of the TAO/ASH you are requaed to work togeather with the rest of the race and elites, no striking out on your own bullcrap and only wanting an elite spote for the power, any doing so will be striped of thire elite rank
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Gouryoku Hanshin/Elite Superhuman's Leader

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Join date : 2009-07-19
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Location : Welcome To Misery (Missouri)

PostSubject: Re: Elite Superhumans   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:48 pm

After being Approved as a Superhuman please post here to request a rank. Also this is where you must post to request challenges for a higher rank in ASH/TOA.

As for Challenging Rules.
1.You must challenge in this topic.
2.If the challenged declines and has not been challenged earlier this week the battle is given to the challenger.
3.You may only be challenged 1 time per week.
4.If one member of the challenge does not post within 48 hours and is not deemed absent by the staff/leader the last poster wins.
5. To challenge one of the Elite members you must be 1 rank below them.
6. If you are not in the elites you must challenge Elite Number 10 for a rank.
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Pieter Van Hassel
Seiei Hanshin/3rd Elite Superhuman

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Superhumans   Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:59 am

I request 2nd Superhuman spot..^^
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Rikuna Leireez
Saijuukei Hanshin-/Elite Superhuman's Vice Leader

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Age : 25
Location : here and there

PostSubject: Re: Elite Superhumans   Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:06 am

Crap, I didn’t make it in time >.>

The only reason I came here was to be your vice yaouchi, but I guess this guy will get it ^-^

I’ll take third
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Gouryoku Hanshin/Elite Superhuman's Leader

Posts : 91
Join date : 2009-07-19
Age : 24
Location : Welcome To Misery (Missouri)

PostSubject: Re: Elite Superhumans   Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:44 pm

Rikuna I made prior agreements with you.
I hope you understand Pieter.

"I slice the ingredients with metal arms light the disco ball with my light element and send the drinks and get the indredients with my wind powers and with my awesome powers I mix all the drinks"

~Drink Master Yaouchi Of the Superhumans~
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Superhumans   

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Elite Superhumans
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