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PostSubject: Zurui   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:58 pm

Name: Zurui

Race: Vizard

Age: 1658

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Zurui has a very dark mind, he rarely says anything nice and thoughtful. But that side of him only shows when he hates someone, and wants them dead. Other times Zurui is a nice guy, that people want to be with. He always smiles, and doesn't when he is sad or serious. Zurui hates repeating himself, unless a pretty girl ask him to. He is especially kind to a pretty girl, which most men are. Zurui loves silence, and will do anything to achieve it at times. Zurui can act like a cool guy at times, and say some weird stuff. But most of the time he is a nice guy, that people like. When he does get made he doesn't stop his wave of anger, until he either destroys what makes him made of fixes the problem.

  • Silence

  • Fighting

  • Women

  • Repeating himself

  • Moths

  • Idiots

Ex-Division: 3rd


Background/History: Zurui grew up in a small village, not far from London.So Zurui wasn't his real name, his real name was William. His father made trips to London daily, because he was a blacksmith. Zurui was around his father most of the time, expect when he left for London. He would always come back with some amazing story, like how he saw a dragon fly above his head. Or how one day he had to fight off a troll. Zurui always loves this tales, and would make his father repeat them again, and again. But then his mother would call him into their house, and go to bed. Whenever his father would tall a good story, Zurui and his father would sneak out of the house and his father would tell this story over and over. Zurui wanted to became a blacksmith like his father when he grew up, but he knew he would never. He had weak bones, and barely had any muscle. His father always told him that he would get stronger one day, but Zurui knew he wouldn't. When Zurui asked kids to play with him, they would say they wanted to hear the stories his father told. Zurui would tell them over and over again, until he was 8. Soon he started to hate telling the stupid stories, so he asked his father if he could come up with different ones. But sadly his father was making more and more trips, and spending less time with Zurui.

Zurui needed to find some way to pass the time, but he couldn't figure anything out. His mother said he would help her in the kitchen. That really didn't work out for Zurui. He loved to smells of his mothers food, but fixing it was a lot harder than it looked. Time passed and Zurui was soon 15. His mother started to make him work the fields, which really wasn't something he could do. The first time he did this, he barely even made one row. He felt like he was going to die, that day. But his mother just sent him right back out. After several failures, Zurui got stronger. His bones became stronger, his muscles became bigger. And he loved it. When his father returned after a year long visit to London, he was amazed to see his son so big. But he brought horrible news too. He had been cheating on his wife, and got married to another woman. They had a child together, and lived in London. The woman was a rich person, so his father would never have to work again. When the news hit his mother, it was like she had seen a ghost. Zurui's father loves his wife so much, yet he cheated on her. Sadly many men did this in their village, expect his father. There was a man that said that his father swore never to marry another woman. But that must have been a lie, just like everything his father told him. Zurui was tempted to run away from his village, but his mother needed him.

After a couple weeks of the news hitting his mother, she came down with a cold. Zurui did everything he could to make sure she would live. But none of it worked. A few days later his mother died. His village held a funereal for his mother, which was the best thing that ever happened to Zurui. His father had been told that his wife had died, but he didn't show to the service. This made Zurui want to kill him, but he remembered when he was a kid all the good times he had with his father. Zurui still lived in the village, working on the fields making his own food. It was a horrible. He hated being alone, in a house that was meant for 3. But there was one thing he did like, the silence. The house was always quiet, expect for the outside. But it was till silent ever time he walked into a room. After a couple years of living alone, a terrible thing happened. This thing was something no one could dodge. A raid. A group of thugs saw the village, and thought it would be nice to destroy it. They got what they wanted. The entire village was gone, almost the entire village died, only a hand full lived. And among those was Zurui. He and a group of people, fled into another village. They built houses, and made farms all over again. But this time Zurui wouldn't be alone. He found a girl, and they fell in love. They soon got married, but it wasn't a happy marriage. When Zurui was 19, he was murdered. His wife had used Zurui, just to get a house. She killed him in his sleep, and took everything Zurui had and sold it.

Zurui never liked soul society, or the Academy. Having to train in the arts of swords and kido, weren't really his thing. As time passed his got better, and soon he was amazing. The only thing he would do in his extra time was train. He would over work his body, just to get stronger. Soon he passed the Academy, and joined to 3rd division. He liked it there, he got to kill hollows and fight other Shinigami. Zurui now loved Soul Society. He would always fight his captain, and the same thing would happen. He would get his butt kicked. This made Zurui want to get stronger, and he did over time. But everything was going to change. Zurui had heard of people having hollow mask, but at one time there was a man that was said to give people these mask. Zurui went to find out what exactly was happening. He did, the hard way. When he found the man, he had sneaked up on Zurui and touched his chest. A chain appeared on his chest. Zurui had no idea what it was, but he fought the man. It was a short battle. The chain had disappeared, and a mask was on Zurui's face. The last thing he remembered was hearing the mans screams, and how he loved them. Some how Zurui had manged to remove the mask. He still lives in Soul Society, but found a new name. Instead of William he used Zurui, and kept the name.

Rp Sample: uno momento
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PostSubject: Re: Zurui   Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:17 pm

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