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 Ashio (Arrancar)

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Cuarta, 4th Espada

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PostSubject: Ashio (Arrancar)   Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:41 pm

Name: Ashio

Age: 280

Visual Age: 21

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ashio wears a long black trench coat reaching down to just above his heels. He also wears pitch black leather gloves that fit nicely with his trench coat. Under Ashio’s coat he wears a black dress shirt with a big white tie that reaches down to almost his waist. His head is properly the only open match of skin on his entire body. Ashio has normal white hollow skin with two dark black strips almost like racing strips going from the back of his neck to on either side of his Adam’s apple. One long whit horn stretches out from his forehead, about half a foot long. Ashio also wears big black leather boots almost like cowboy boots but not with such a heel or pointed toe. He had no hairs on his head making him bald. Although, Ashio has very little mussel he is fairly strong and lean properly because he is an arrancar.


Suck ups

Personality: Ashiol is a pure evil being. He thinks as himself and his kind the greatest race among all. Ashio has no problems with killing anyone if it serves him in any way. He sees every other race as lesser beings not worthy of being alive. Ashio controls his hunger most of the time, acting in an elegant manor. He prefers using any physical weapon to a blade because he believes you should only unsheathe your blade if your opponent is an equal and because he considers almost no one an equal he barely ever does so. When Ashio’s hunger does take over it takes complete control. Ashio goes into a sort of primal rage killing anything that does not hold authority over him.

History: Ashio grew up in a very poor town just outside of Calgary, Alberta. He quickly learned to steal to survive. Ashio was very good at thievery and he realized this soon after he began stealing. He quickly grew in wealth until he reached the age of 18 when he had a very important decision to make. Ashio had enough money to afford a small one room apartment but he couldn’t take his large family of five people. His father and mother and his three sisters had survived off his stealing to survive. Ashio decided to take the apartment against his families wishes. He then had to raise in the crime racks if he wished his wealth to grow even more. Ashio quickly elevated to murder becoming a “gun for hire.” He was also very good a killing as he again quickly increased his paycheck and bought a bigger house. He was at the peek of his career making money left and right. Of course he no longer did the killing or stealing he was now the middle man hiring people for the dirty work. But to make a name for oneself you have to step on a few toes and Ashio and stepped on one to many. One very wealthy person hired a top notch assassin to take him out of the picture. He was making to much money and he needed to be taking care of. Ashio was shot right in between the eyes on June 21 at the age of 31.

Ashio awoke inside his mansion with a silver chain attached to his chest. As he tried to make contact with the world of the living no one responded and the more he tried the angrier he became. Ashio became furious at the person who had hired the assassin and the assassin herself. As the chain ripped out from Ashio’s body and he turned into a horrible hollow he decided to take his revenge. Because of his former gang ties he knew exactly what to do; he searched for other beings like him because the odds were there were. Ashio searched the desert until he found others like him and he quickly gained their trust. Then he betrayed them all in a desperate attempt to evolve ever further like hollows before him. He did evolve shedding his hollow skin for almost human like skin, all except for his mask. It only cracked into three pieces.

RP sample: The sun was hiding on the other side of the world as a slight breeze began to blow. It was a very eerie night and it was about to get even worse. The breeze suddenly took up torrential speeds as rain started to pour down. The wind had almost reached hurricane speeds and the rain had almost created a flood when Ashio appeared. As soon as he stood up and showed himself from an ally way the clouds and winds departed. It was almost as if the storm had been scared of Ashio and it had run away too hid with the sun. Ashio was wearing his normal black trench coat, black shirt and white tie ensemble. His jagged teeth were nicely hidden under his gums making him look almost human if not for the horn protruding out of his head. As he walked forward it looked as if a dark cloud of evil was covering the stars making it almost pitch black except for a flickering street light on the other side of the street. No one dared to move from their frozen positions on the sidewalk as Ashio reached the middle of the street but all eyes were on the man with the horn sticking out of his forehead.

With one small gesture of his right hand toward the street light it flickered once more then turned off. It was now completely dark on this street and Ashio was feeling rather hungry. One streak of lightning hit the ground close to where Ashio had been as he slashed through a person with his hand in a chopping motion. Another lightning bold struck as Ashio attacked again, killing another person and sucking out their soul. Ashio continued this onslaught as the lightning continued to strike until all of the humans were dead. Ashio licked his lips with a satisfied look in his eyes and a happy smile plastered across his face. Ashio adjusted his trench coat and wiped the blood off of his gloves as he turned on one heel and began to walk.
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Shinzui Debiru
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PostSubject: Re: Ashio (Arrancar)   Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:01 am

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Ashio (Arrancar)
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