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 Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn.

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Segunda, 2nd Espada

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Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn. Empty
PostSubject: Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn.   Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 8:33 pm

Name: Espina Venono

Age: 637

Visual Age: 19

Race: Arrancar

History: He was a born a spanish boy, And raised as an assassin. He was well suited for this work as he was competely insane. He always loved gardening. . He was executed on the spot after being caught while trying to kill the king. The only reason he was caught is because the person who hired him betrayed him.

He remembers nothing of his life before he was a Spaniard assassin except for Emotions. He remembers hate, And wrath, Oh how he loves wrath. These two poisonous emotions have been corrupting him and rotting him ever since the beginning of his new life as a hollow, Even more then they do with most hollows.

Because of this he grew quickly as a hollow, His atrocious acts stacking upon one another as he progressed from eating human souls to hollow ones, Becoming a menos. He never wore the garb of a menos grande when he became one, His mask was always his own, And he became an adjuchas and then a vasto lorde quickly. Soon after he felt an itch under his mask, That he just couldn't scratch. He drove him insane until he ripped the mask off. He finnally scratched that itch, And did so for a good half hour.

Appearence: He is quite muscular, With strong spanish features. instead of the usual arrancar outfit, He wears loose pants, And an open cloak that he couldn't close if he wanted to, showing off the middle of his muscular torso. He has bright red hair, Contrasting his spanish features. His eyes are a dark coffee brown. On his back there is a small piece of faded tatoo, Showing that he was once an espada. It appears to be part of a nine.

Mask Fragment: His mask fragments are as follows.

1. A "Crown of Thorns" Of a sort. Thirteen Thorns emerge from his hair, Curving back down. These thorns are lethelly sharp, And he rather enjoys headbutting people with them.

2&3 A small patch is on each of his shoulders.

4. A piece similar to grimjaw's teeth, Except on his left cheek instead of his right.

Personality: Unpredictable. He's completly psychotic really. But i can't predict the actions of the psychotic. He loves fighting, killing, eating, screwing, really all the basic instincts. HOWEVER he does have a gentle side that has somehow remained from his human years, I really don't know how, It just happened.

Inate Ability
Espina has several thorns in each hand thorns in each hand. One set on his ring finger, one set on his middle finger, and one set on his pointer finger. These three sets of thorns are retractable, As in the can "Melt" If you will, Into his skin. The thorns on his ring fingers are coated with a neurotoxin (That he is, Of course, Immune to.) That will paralyze the area it cuts. This parlayzation will spread further if the thorn is left in the wound (His hand would have to stay where it is). Basically the same poison as his ressurecion's green thorns. His middle fingers thorns has the same poison as his ressurecion's red thorns. the third set, On his pointer finger, Is exclusive to his inate ability. This set of thorns has a pink cutting edge, And is coated with a hormone compound mixed with several chemicals that help it dilute to the brain quickly. This hormona compound will cause the person who it affects to feel great love for espina, And if enough of it is applied, Even lust. This hampers people's fighting ability, And their ability to hate espina, And makes them easier for him to command.

Now each set of thorns is made out of three (Except for lust thorrn, Will explain later.) One on the knuckle, Which is large and sharp, For punching, And then several along the length of the underside of the finger, Allowing him to transmit the poison through slaps and gentle strokes alike. The one at the very tip of the underside of the finger can actually extend to a large length, Which really just increases range by an inch. The lust thorns however are only on the underside and topside of the pointer finger, Inhibiting the ways he can spread it.

Then, A more whimsical innate ability, He actually has quite a green thumb. Plants will bloom willingly for him, Even out of season, And he can extract information from some of the larger ones. Trees aren't very good however, As their far to slow paced to notice anything, And grass dies to fast. No, Roses are the perfect informants of the plant world.

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Shinzui Debiru
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Shinzui Debiru

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Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn.   Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 8:36 pm

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Espina Venono, The venoumous thorn.
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