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 : La Rosa de Sangre que Fluye :

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PostSubject: : La Rosa de Sangre que Fluye :   Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:33 pm

Name: La Rosa de Sangre que Fluye (The rose of flowing blood)

Element: Poison and plants.

Represent: Rose

Command: Flor, levanta Hermoso (Flower,(Used as verb not noun) Beautiful rose)

Sealed: Two daggers, each about a foot and a half long. The hilt is a bloomed rose, And the Pommel is a rose bud. Sprouting from the center of the rose bud is a chain, Or is it a vine? You can't quite be sure, Unless you get to close for comfort. It dissapears into his sleeve. The entire blade has a rosy sheeen to it, And engraved into it are all the stages of the rose's life, From green bud, To the wilted remains of beatuty engraved just before the tip. The fully bloomed rose is engraved about halfway up.

Inital release: In his inital release the chains (Or were they already vines?) Sprout out of his sleeves, The daggers on the end of them staying the same. He has complete control over the two vines, However the vines have only 10 thorns a foot and they're all the red kind. No roses are on the vines, And the only ability he has access to in this inital release is the ability to shoot the thorns.

Released: The two fragments on his shoulders grow exponentially, Two rose bud shaped pauldrons forming. The buds are partially unfurled, Starting to open, With his arms coming out of them. Ten vines grow from them on each arm, Wrapping around his arms as they go down them. The vines are thorned all the way down, About 50 thorns per foot, Which makes for alot of thorns, As each vine can extend to a full length of 23 feet. There are about two rose buds on per every foot, And their petals will drop frequently throughout the battle. Anyone who steps on a petal is poisoned with a serious neurotoxin that stuns half of their leg. Besides that little changes on his body. His hierro grows harder, His strength and speed increase, Stuff like that. Each thorn is poisoned, However there are two different kinds of poisons. Most of the thorns have a blood red edge. These thorns introduce a poison into the system that hampers the release of reiatsu, Weakening all attacks, And actually steal a very small amount from the system. However about one in fifty thorns has a green edge. These are coated with a neurotoxin that stuns about 3 inches along the impact area, Moreso if it strikes a major blood vessel. (Some notes. The 3 inches will usually spread down the limb, Or in whatever direction the blood is flowing, Because well . .It's rather obvious why.)

Note: As the fight goes on the pauldrons will begin to "Bloom". Once fully bloomed (After twenty posts) His ressurection is at it's full power(About the same as the ninth espada). It will steadily gain power as they open up over the twenty posts.

Ultimate Power:LiberaciĆ³n de la rosa del veneno(Release of the rose's poison) The rose blooms on the vines open up, And emit a gas that does a couple things. The gas poisons anyone who breaths it in, Touches it, or Smells it.
1. Drains large amounts of reiatsu and health(About 25%)
2. Knocks out everyone except captain strength people, and impairs their thought greatly.
3.The poison stays in their system, and the amount of reiatsu and his thorns poisons effectivness is increased by a factor of three.
4. If the gas is allowed to go back into his blooms as it will after the post it's used in, He gets all the reiatsu and health that was drained.
5. People wake up the post the gas returns into his flowers.

It takes ten posts to cooldown after the gas comes back in, However the poison strengthening effect cannot be stacked, And it drains 10% less reiatsu and health.

Disparar misiles, Fly ganchos venenosos(Shooting stingers, Fly venomous hooks): Shoots some of the thorns off his vines. The thorns take about two posts to regrow(Green thorns take five.), And as he has so many he can really just shoot off thorns from different vines at a time. Each thorn upon impact only deals a small amount of damage but being hit by a massive hailstorm could kill you as their poison is still in effect.

Alternate version: By launching anywhere between half to all of his thorns he can actually connect them via strings of reiatsu and create a huge tornado of thorns around a person. However, once this is used he cannot launch any thorns for five posts.

Las semillas de numerosos viƱedos(Seed of numerous vines) He shoots a seed out of the palm of his hand, And it instantly burrows into the ground. On the next post eight vines sprout out of the ground where it burrowed, Identical to His own. Has a reload time of 5 posties.

Muchas rosas en flor(Many blooming roses.): This skill covers the entire battle field in roses. It doubles the power of his ultimate ability, However he cannot use his ultimate ability for three turns after using this one, and once used all the roses wilt, And are unusable for the second option. Alternately, He can make all the roses explode in a mealstrom of extreme damage that is practically impossible to dodge. Can only be used once per battle.
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: La Rosa de Sangre que Fluye :
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