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 Yaouchi [Superhuman]

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PostSubject: Yaouchi [Superhuman]   Yaouchi [Superhuman] Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 5:55 am

Name: Yaouchi [japna though the last name is unknown to the character]


Age: 23 probably

Gender: Male

Personality:usually calm. He is always ready for battle in case the need arises. If someone he would not give his life for his near him he will be on guard and ready for battle. He is ready to give his life for his village on a moments notice. He will do all he can for his village to the best of his ability without question. He is sometimes overly modest of his own abilities and does not talk openly about his skills and talents. He knows when he is beaten but if someone is threatening something or someone he holds dear he will stop at nothing to defeat them or do his best trying to stop them or hold them off. He enjoys spending his free time training or practicing his tactics with strategic games or arguing with people over things he doesnt really care about. He is good at politics but does not usually get into them and hates them for the most part. Enjoys a good laugh and having a good time with people he knows. He is overly protective of those he cherishes. He will meet new people but only if they were never part of anything he stands against. He can hold a grudge and always does but is capable of putting these things aside for the greater good. He is a natural and spotting traps before they are sprung on him and also a master of turning the tides of battle.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: tactical games, decent opponents, planning ahead, long walks, good conversations, Women
Dislikes: arrogant people, overly modest people, spur of the moment jumpers

Avatar/Black hair with white streaks painted down the front part. The hair is medium length. Sword carried on the back or shoulder that is curved at the end of the blade into a slight curve and the bottom half of the blade is painted black and the hilt is red. Usually wearing a ripped up set of cloths that are black in color with some dust in them. Red and Black and white bands across the arms with an underneath long band of a red color. 3 rows of knives in holding pouches across the center of the chest and ending at the sides. Silver straight lines that are completely undamaged running down the sides of the coat.


Yaouchi didnt know where he was born or when or exactly how old he was. So when he realized that the other kids on the streets kept track of age in years of 365 days he figured that he had been alive approximatly 3 years. When that happened his life kind of turned around. He named himself based on a sound he could remember from a long time ago. Yaouchi was the sound and so he called him Yaouchi as an introduction.

About the age of 5 he came into the basics of his powers. He could see hollows and they were everywhere where he was. They never messed with him directly but he often saw gruesome hollow attacks. Yaouchi also had a passtime of talking to people who no one else could see which made the other kids think that he was a very strange kid.

At the age of 7 Yaouchi entered into a small gang of kids about his age to about age 10. They formed up and got food and stole from people to sell for money for more food. It was all focused on food out in those streets. Yaouchi was successful with a seeming insight for danger and which places they should rob and shouldnt rob.

At age 9 Yaouchi ran away from his gang of kids. He decided that he could function alone instead of being with the group a lot more efficently. Yaouchi eventually found out about the normal behaviors for children his age. He kept watching the kids and realized that living off the street was not normal. He saw kids with parents getting fed all the time without hardly working at it and Yaouchi craved that life. But he knew he would never have it.

Yaouchi continued wanting that life and eventually began to realize that the only difference between himself and the other kids was not just that he had absolutely no one to go to except for his invisible people but he could also see the hollows that no one else could. Though Yaouchi knew that the hollows were real and that he was gifted to see them he did not know that he was special in a spiritual sense until he was 11.

Yaouchi at age 11 was visited by a soul reaper. He didnt know who they were but he saw someone with a blade coming around and kill a hollow. But when he saw how they killed the hollow he knew they were special. So Yaouchi went up to them and introduced himself and asked the woman how she had killed the hollow. She explained the Soul Society barely but that was enough for Yaouchi. From then on Yaouchi wanted to be a soul reaper.

Finally at 13 Yaouchi's powers were found and from then on Yaouchi was. Once his powers were obtained the other kids stayed away from him because of the strange things that Yaouchi would do all the time. Yaouchi killed a kid with his powers and from then on he hid in the abandoned buildings around town waiting for people to show up. Finally Yaouchi realized that there were more and formed a group dedicated to finding these people.

Rp Sample: [not done but its a good sample]

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PostSubject: Re: Yaouchi [Superhuman]   Yaouchi [Superhuman] Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 6:21 am


(and that was not a typo!)
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Yaouchi [Superhuman]
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