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 Vaizard Template

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Shinzui Debiru
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Shinzui Debiru

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Vaizard Template Empty
PostSubject: Vaizard Template   Vaizard Template Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 5:57 pm

Name:(Every Character has a Name)

Race:(Just mak'in sure)

Age:(What your actual age is, no less than 100)

Visual Age:(What age you appear to be)

Gender:(Male or Female)

Personality:(Every Character has a personality)

Likes and Dislikes:(What your character likes and dislikes)

Ex-Division:(What your Division used to be before you went all vaizardo)

Appearance:(What your character looks like, an image will do)

Background/History:(Your life as a human, your death, when you came to soul society, when you became shinigami and how you became a vaizard)

Rp Sample:(If you want to be Elite Vaizard, if not, delete this)
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Vaizard Template
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