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 Ekochi Rideos(Shingami)

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Ekochi Rideos
6th Division Captain
Ekochi Rideos

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PostSubject: Ekochi Rideos(Shingami)   Ekochi Rideos(Shingami) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 7:55 pm

Name: Rideos, Ekochi

Age: 388

Visual Age: 28

Gender: Male

Division: Former 11th Squad Captain, Current 6th Squad Captain

Personality: Ekochi, Is very charming and always has a smile on his face. His voice is very calm cool and collective. Even though his voice is very loud its quiet relaxing to the ears. He very tactical and Observant. He is not one to rush into battles as he one to break down his opponents weakness and strengths. Ekochi is always cool headed never letting his temper show. Although he is very calm and collective he is very cocky and always lets it be known that he is some what better than everyone else. Ekochi, only weakness is the ladies as he is a self proclaimed ladies man.

Likes: The Ladies and being Lazy

Dislikes: Disrespectful people

Appearance: Ekochi Rideos(Shingami) Eko10


Human Arc:

Ekochi Rideos, What a strange name for a kid. Ekochi always thought that himself. He had a Greek mother, but had a father that was Japanese. Both of were very strict yet loving of their only son. Growing up in a strict family Ekochi always excelled in school. When he wasn't in school he was always at his father's Dojo. His father taught many different styles of fighting due to his heritage of being from a famous samurai bloodline. His father taught Ekochi moves diligently preparing his son to take over the dojo just like he took it from his father. The dojo had been in the family for generations and his father wasn't going to let that go to waste. Even though Ekochi didn't enjoy fighting he did it to make his father proud of him. When people saw Ekochi fighting they always said he became a different person.

In school Ekochi was one of the smart popular kids. He was on the Mixed Martial Arts team because he enjoyed impressing his father. He was also the Valedictorian to impress his mother. He loved making his parents happy due to the fact they were always talking him. Even being one of the smartest kids in high school Ekochi was also one of the biggest flirts. The women always flocked over him as he never really tried to hit on them. He was just a natural with the ladies always having fun and creating adventure. It did help that he had the money to do so as well. After his high school years Ekochi went on to college to become a

Ekochi easily excelled in college making the deans list within the first semester. He had a full scholarship ride as well made captain on the MMA College team. As a freshmen a lot of the students looked up to Ekochi. He was a born leader and people always followed him. He was known for help out his fellow peers as well as making the ladies happy. Ekochi sailed through college with no problems partying like ever other college kid but also maintain the deans list. A lot of other kids didn't understand his stamina as it seemed like he would never go to sleep but always stayed fully energetic.

It was now Ekochi's senior year when he went home to visit his family. Over the last 4 years at college Ekochi had been training hard with the MMA team as well as the Kendo team. As soon as Ekochi reached home his father challenged him to a friendly spar to see what Ekochi had learned while away at college. Ekochi easily dispatched his father with his hand to hand combat skills. Ekochi father was very impressed but wanted to see what his soon could do with a Bokken. Ekochi knew this was his father's speciality and wouldn't be able to beat him like he did with hand to hand. The loud clicking of the wooden swords echoed for miles as the furious fight erupted in the dojo. The air filled with their sweat as each of the fighters matched each other strike for strike.

After 5 mins of the furious battle the sound of a stick echoed through the dojo followed by a loud gurgling sound. Ekochi's father had broke his wooden stick while thrust at his son's neck. Ekochi collapsed to the ground gasping for air as his blood filled the dojo's floor. Ekochi's father could not believed he had just killed his own son but the last words Ekochi got out before he had passed was "Father, Take care of mother and do not kill yourself for her sake...I love yall"Ekochi said before dying going to the other world. He knew if he wouldn't have said that, that his father would have took his life in honor of his son leaving his mother all alone. Ekochi knew if that would happen even his mother would have died but from a broken heart of depression.

Shinigami Arc.

Ekochi reached Rukongai looking around noticing and taking in the new world. He walked into the streets not knowing what to except as he found himself being carried off by a gang of weak rogue shinigami. They had finally stopped with they reached the 4th district forest of Rukongai. Ekochi quickly threw himself off of them noticing they were carrying swords. Instantly another group of shinigami appeared behind him. He was in the middle of a battle it had seemed. "Wait Wait Wait, I am not with these guys I swear it. I just got here!"Ekochi tried to explain as the rogue shinigami pulled their swords on him.

"Well if your not with us then we are going to have to kill you"One out of 4 rogue shinigami said to Ekochi. A smirk came across his face taking on the challenge. He was not going to die twice within one hour. The first shinigami came dashing at him doing a vertical slash down. Ekochi barely side stepped breaking the shinigami's arm with his knee then delievering a elbow to the shinigami's throat. Ekochi quickly picked up the blade as the sound of iron echoed through the forest. Ekochi noticed that with this body he was a lot faster and stronger than when he was a human.

Ekochi knew he could not kill these men because he didn't know the laws of this world. He quickly parried the man's attack to the side turning the blade upwards chopping off the shinigami's hand. The other two Shinigami seeing this instantly attack Ekochi at the same time. Instantly another shinigami appeared between them knocking them out within a instant. Ekochi's eyes could not even keep up with the Shinigami's moment but noticed the white looking cloak he wore. The Captain never turned around but said a couple of words to him. "You know you have a lot of potential. You should try becoming a Shinigami" The captain said before disappearing from sight.

Ekochi took the man's word enrolling into the Academy. The Academy was a breeze for him as he finished it within 2 years. It usually takes most people 6 years but he did it within a 3rd of that time. There were even records of people doing within one year. After graduating from the Shinigami Academy. Ekochi awaited orders to be assigned to his squad....

Extended History:

After Academy Arc:

After graduating from the Shinigami Academy Ekochi was signed to the 11th Squad. He easily gained ranking through the seats making his way up to the Vice Captain of the 11th Squad. Ekochi was then sent out on a mission with the current Kenpachi. It was a very dangerous that the Captain Commander had sent the 11th Squad to take care of the problem. Battles erupted all over the place as many shinigami and arrcanar begun to die. Ekochi was in a fierce battle with the 7th Espada. Lucky for Ekochi he had already achieved his Bankai but hadn't fully mastered it. He quickly dispatched of the 7th Espada and left him in a 1000 year prison of ice.

Ekochi was bloody and wounded as he dragged himself deeper inside of Las Noches. It was an attempt to eradicate the couple of Espada that were left inside of Las Noches. The rest were attacking Soul Society. It was the Captain Commanders secret plan to attack them while they attacked them. Ekochi arrived into the throne room just to see his Captain finish off the 4th Espada but also taking a black Oscura through his chest. Ekochi ran over to his captain to check on his progress but the Kenpachi had already died. Once, World that the 4th Espada and the Kenpachi had both fallen the battles quickly came to an end as Morale on both side had dropped to zero.

Ekochi returned back to Soul Society as they had held off the attack from the Espada. Many Shinigami had lost their life in this attack but only his Captain was the one to fall. After healing from his wounds Ekochi was appointed the title of Kenpachi. It was a title he held for over a 100 years. Ekochi had grown tired of fighting but kept his Captaincy to owner the Kenpachi before him. When the 6th Captaincy spot open Ekochi resigned as Kenpachi to let another Shinigami take his place as he wanted to become the Captain of the 6th Squad.
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PostSubject: Re: Ekochi Rideos(Shingami)   Ekochi Rideos(Shingami) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 8:04 pm

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Ekochi Rideos(Shingami)
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