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 Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]

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Belphegor Zagiel
4th Elite Vaizard
Belphegor Zagiel

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PostSubject: Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]   Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:50 am

Name: Belphegor Zagiel

Age: 393

Visual age: 25

Ex-Division: Ex - division 11


Personality: Belphegor Zagiel is a rather calm individual always planning ahead and making sure that he has every single detail down. He can also be sadistic and cruel when the time calls for it, and he usually keeps things to himself making him seem rather cold and unncarring to other's besides those he deems worthy of his attention. In battle Belphegor Zagiel is a master and hand to hand and swordsmanship. He will not fight unless he has to or is provoked in which he will fight them mercilessly.

Likes and Dislikes:

1. Having a good time
2. Fighting
3. Women

1.Too much cockyness

Background/History:Belphegor Zagiel was born into a broken family he was born with a twin brother that believed him to have died during birth. When his father was giving the news he decided to leave his family, he on the other hand did not die but due to complications his heart stopped for awhile and as the doctors where planning to do with him whatever they do with miscarriage babies he begun to cry. Instead of giving him back to his parents they decided to drop him off at a nearby orphanage so they wouldn't have to be bothered with legal complications (it could happen). He was constantly picked on due to his small size and the fact that he was always saying he sees spirits. His caretakers believed that he was just looking for attention so they sent him to martial arts classes for the dual purpose of disciplining him so he wouldn't "lie" and also to defend himself from bullies. The years up to the age of 5 were anything but normal for Sesshoukage
His master however believed that Belphegor could see these spirits and also confined that he could see them too. He teaches Belphegor secret techniques to control a thing he called spiritual pressure which allowed him to talk and even touch the spirits this made him an exceptional fighter at an early age. Soon he became a master hand to hand fighter due to his amazing spiritual control his master also taught him swordsmanship which he also excelled in. His master loved Belphegor and taught him everything he knew which included swordsmanship and judo skills. As years pass Belphegor becomes a great master and helps his master to run his dojo and teach the students.
Belphegor entered his first tournament when he is the age of 13 he came in second place having met with a man much older than him with skills equal to him yet he had much more experience and used it to his advantage his master was pleased anyhow and they celebrated all the same.
At the age of 15 he was quit tournaments and him and his master traveled the world where Belphegor met many skilled fighters. Those were some of the hardest fight Belphegor has ever taken part of he won most of the fights. Then One day his master came to him beat up badly to the point where death was just a matter of time when asked what happened his master replied "a huge spirit with a white mask" before dying. Belphegor vowed that he would find the huge spirit that wore a white mask and exact revenge for his master. He continued to train traveling Japan looking for fights but no one could give him a fight like He wanted and he has become increasingly cold hearted during battle. He traveled on until he reaches the age of 18, and his ability to see spirits got stronger. It seemed as if the spirits would look for him to help them but he had no time to help dead with their problems. One night he was walking the streets looking for a place where he could fight when he felt the presence of an ominous something he spun around wildly but couldn't see anything. All of a sudden he heard a loud yell he ran toward the direction of it and saw it the creature in the white mask he rushed in at it. Their was a girl running away from the white masked spirit but Belphegor did not care for her until she tried to stop him from running toward the monster. Without his sword he knew he wouldn't be able to do much of anything but he didn't care he knocked the girl out and attacked the monster. As his fist collided with the monster it flinched but quickly recovered with a fearsome yell he pushed Belphegor across the street quickly following him punching him in the stomach several times.
As he hit the ground he choked up blood as he stood back up ready to charge again a man in a black kimono grabbed his wrist to stop him. As the monster rushed them the man with the kimono unsheathed his sword which was quite large and with one slice he destroyed the monster. He then turned to Belphegor and nodded for him to follow “you can call me Kazuma, come with me I think I can help". Kensei did as he was told this man reminded him of his master.
He led him to a musty factory that looked as if it never had never been of use. The man turned to him and asked him" do you want to learn How to kill those things” he spoke as he opened the door to his shop. Belphegor looked at the man in shock "there are more than one of those d**n things". The man laughed and replied yes they are called hollows and if you play your cards right it could be your job to destroy them He then poked him in the forehead pushing his soul out of his body Belphegor looks down and sees that He is wearing the same kind of clothes as the other man and that he now had his sword with him his same sword he had when he was first given a real sword the one he thought he left at his house. He grabbed Belphegor's sword and shattered it. Belphegor looked at the man in disgust what are you doing man I loved that sword. The man spoke you have two sets of powers inside of you one that is of a pure an kind nature one to protect and one like those you have seen with the mask. Belphegor listened on thinking of him self as diseased as the man said this Belphegor was plunged deep into the recess of his own mind where a spirit that looked a lot like his master at a young age was standing before him. "Hello Belphegor I have been waiting for the day that you would come to me you are here to find your Shinigami powers well here I am ".

Three years passed. Belphegor had finished his soul reaper training. He discovered his shikai thanks to that former soul reapers wise words, A zanpaktou is a reflection to one's soul." All he had to do was think about himself. His personality and all. After that, it was all simple. The highlight in those three years was unlocking his bankai. After seeing his shikai, he knew that his bankai had to do something with wind. His zanpaktou spirit helped him out. It was like the old soul reaper said. It takes three years to fully master it and that's how long it took him. Maybe it wasn't fully mastered, but he unlocked it and had almost full control over it.

At the moment, Belphegor was bored of being a shinigami. He wanted something much more exciting. That's when he got the message. There was an outbreak of hollows in Karakura town. He one of the five soul reapers sent out to destroy them. When they got there, he was given the task of fighting the strongest hollow. This hollow thought differantly than the rest. It was actually intelligent, pratically like Belphegor. Although, that didn't really matter. It was still reckless. It was more reckless than smart. That's what led to its downfall. It made one mistake and Belphegor was able to capitalize on that. He cut off the hollows head. Belphegor saw the hollow say dead there. It's hollow mask on the floor. He began to think.

How did the Vaizards become Vaizards? They were soul reapers whp obtained Hollow powers, but how? Maybe, it was something to do with the Hollow masks. They gained Hollow like characteristics when their mask appeared on their face. Maybe that was the key to becoming one. Maybe, if Belphegor put on this Hollow's mask, he would become a Vaizard. or, he could die. He put a great deal of thought into it. Eventually, he decided to put on the mask, in an attempt to become a Vaizard.

Once the mask got close to him, it jumped on his face, causing him to black out. He awoke in a small, dim room. "Welcome, brother."

RP sample:
Sparks flew from the two blades as they hit each other. Time and time again this happened until both men stopped. One was Belphegor. The other was Kira Genga. Kira was Belphegor 's latest target. A soul collecter who had been taking wandering souls, before shingami could reach them, and giving them to hollows. They were in a desert the sands were silent waiting for the next attack. Belphegor was having a hard time of it. This man was unlike any other. His speed matched his and his swordsmanship was well... a match for him. Kira rested his blade on his right shoulder. He had a Zanbatou. Its size meant he could only swing it two ways, up and down and left to right. This should have been easy but it wasn’t. Belphegor was surprised to find a trikle of sweat running down his forehead. He wiped it with his left hand then placed it back on his Zanpaktou.
"So.." Kira spoke.
"It seems you are getting tired." Belphegor 's mouth twitched slightly as he said this. He was getting annoyed.
"If you have enough time to run your mouth, then use it to worry about yourself!" With this he shunpou'd behind Kira. Kira simply smiled.
"Tch" He moved his zanbatou to block the attack. Belphegor then moved up into the air swiping at his head. Kira rolled forward turned around and stabbed at Belphegor as he came down. Belphegor landed onto the blade and ran at Kira. He raised his blade then shunpo forward. He appeared under Kira.
"Its over!" He swung upwards.
Blood splattered onto the floor. Kira had a smile on his face his eyes were filled with satisfaction. Belphegor cluched at his shoulder as blood came out. It wasn’t a serious wound but another millimeter deep and it might have been. Kira started laughing.
"This is it isn’t it! You've finally met your match and its me!" He laughed again. Belphegor simply stood the still clutching his shoulder with his left hand. His right hand held his zanpaktou tightly
"Well i better finish the job ay?" He pointed his blade at Belphegor.
A torrent of sand kicked up around him. Belphegor made ready for the attack.
As the sand settled a figure appeared. He looked the same but his blade had changed. It was even bigger! It must have weighed tons but Kira was holding it up in on hand.
"Good bye Belphegor." With that he swung downwards to wear he thought grey to have been. Grey was actully behind him about to attack. As Kira’s blade made contact with the ground the earth started to shake wildly. Belphegor was thrown backwards. All the time Kira remained still. He had noticed Belphegor and turned around.
"So you were going to use sneaky attacks to kill me?" Kira was standing over Belphegor. Belphegor was on his back.
"My Zanpaktou creates shockwaves everytime it hits something. If it hits a body then it sends shockwaves through the body destroying there insides." Belphegor came to his feet.
"Don't waste my time with talking!" He pulled a bomb from his waist and launched it at Kira. It made a strange sound then went off. Sand was blasted up into the air. Kira was swiping into the sand. Suddenly a blade came out from the sand and hit Kira's wrist. His blade happened to be in that hand, and was sent flying to the ground. Kira rolled forward and grabbed it turned around to see Belphegor making a attack. Kira met his attack. Both blades made contact. Belphegor 's blade was sent to the ground. Kira lunged forward but it was too late.
Belphegor had managed to reach his blade by shunpou. He pointed his blade at Kira as the final bits of sand came down.
"Rise….." Belphegor 's blade changed into a long sword. It had a chain at the end. The blade was doublesided and the handle wrapped in black leather. Belphegor shot forward faster than ever and in one attack managed to cut Kira's head off. It fell to the ground. Next his blade hit the ground followed by a body. Belphegor put his zanpaktou back in its scabber.
"I really thought he could take my shikai." He took one last look at the body then shunpou'd off.

Rp Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:18 am

everything appears in order but please post a link to an rp sample and then it will be approved.
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Gouryoku Hanshin/Elite Superhuman's Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:27 pm

I approve as Vaizard but you need to ask Alex to become an Elite Vaizard.
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PostSubject: Re: Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]   

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Belphegor Zagiel [Elite Vaizard]
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