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 riuku espada

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Segunda, 2nd Espada

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PostSubject: riuku espada   Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:54 am

Name: Riuku,

Race: arrancar

Age: alive:21 hollow:121

Visual Age: 21

Gender Male

Appearance: pic

Personality: does not like to do much, Hates being bord loves to fight and hate being around people. Riuku hates people who think that they are the best, Riuku likes to read books too. hates papper work and people who think that they should lead. Riuku loves to sleep.

History: as a kid, Riuku's dad was mean to him. He would hit riuku for not doing things that he did not ask for him to do. riuku was did talk back then but then his dad made his life a nightmare. Riuku talked untill he was about 12, then His dad yelled at him for talking to much and hit him. Riuku was never hered talking again. Riuku spent his life in fear and anger. His mom walked out on him when he terned five so she was never there to spend time with him. At the age of 16, Riuku bumped into his dad and his dad was mad at him for that. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BOY?!!" his dad said as he pushed him into a wall. Riuku did nothing and then his dad beat him. Riuku then punched his dad and knocked him to the ground. His dad then pulled out a knife to fight him with but riuku took the knife and killed his dad with it. Riuku was then sent to a place for crazy people and by the time he was 21, Riuku killed himself and then when he was then made into a hollow for his dark life. After being a hollow, Riuku did things yet did not talk. Riuku then sees a man with part of a hollow mask on him and it was his dad. Riuku looks at him with horror and then they had a fight. Riuku was near dead but then killed his dad again and another arrancar saw the fight and walked up to him. "Your power is good, do you want to become one of us?" the man asked. Riuku nods and the man grabs his mask and starts to rip it off of him. Once the maske was off, Riuku was mad into a arrancar and looked at the man. "How do you feel?" The man asked. riuku said nothing. The man then nods at him and walks away. Riuku then spunt his life killing people and staying in the shadows.

Innate Ability: see in dark and hardset herrio

RP sample: Riuku looked at the man with a bord look on his face when his attack hit him. A cloud of dust was fromed and then the dust faded and you can see Riuku dusting himself off. "Well i did not move because you can do nothing. I have one of the hardest herrio in the espada hear, just try to cut me." Riuku said with dissrespect in his voice. Riuku then put his hand out and there formed a cero in the palm of his hand pointing right at the Captain.

Riuku then had it charged all much as he wanted and then was about to shoot it, but then was infrout of the Captain in the blink of an eye. "It was honor meeting you too, and thats the truth." riuku said Riuku then shot the cero and then with that power in his cero, it will harm the Captain bad and then Riuku waits to see what the Captain will do.

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Shinzui Debiru
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PostSubject: Re: riuku espada   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:52 am

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riuku espada
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