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 Ashio vs. Zurui

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Cuarta, 4th Espada

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PostSubject: Ashio vs. Zurui   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:35 pm

The sun was setting over the horizon as a strong wing began to blow. The wind made this particularly cold day even colder. Ashio was standing on a extremly large sand dune in the middle of the White Sand desert. His zunpaktou clinked in the wind against the side of his blowing trench coat. He tightened his black leather gloves around his hand as he started the steddy journey down the dune's side into the vast open desert below him. Ashio's horn glistened in the fading sun as he reached half-way down the dune. He reached the bottom just as the sun set behind the horizon. The warmth of the sun's glow dissipated with the sun making the tempature drop down even further.

Ashio reached up with both hands pulling the glove off his right hand slowly, pulling finger by finger untill the glove slipped off his hand. He grabbed the glove in his left wrapping the glove around the hilt of his zunpaktou as he pulled it slightly out of it's sheath. Ashio grasped the zunpaktou tightly as he cracked his neck to the left and then to the right, making the normal cracking noise of bones.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashio vs. Zurui   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:08 pm

Zurui walked and walked. For some old ball reason it was cold, in a desert. That made a whole lot of sense. Zurui walked up and down, dunes of sound. Soon his feet started to hurt. He sat down on the sand, and took off his shoes. He started to rub his feet. It felt so good. After a couple minutes of rubbing his feet, he stood back up. Zurui didn't mind walking around bare foot, so he kept on walking. Not even a minute later did Zurui see his enemy. A Arrancar. He smiled at this. Vizard vs Arrancar. It would be a nice battle, Zurui hoped. KILL THE PUNK His hollow shouted in his head. Zurui smiled, he always showed right when the party started. "And if I don't" He knew the answer well before the hollow could answer. "I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ASK ME THAT!" Zurui soon decided he would fight this Arrancar. He might kill him, he might not. The only thing Zurui did know, that he wasn't going to go easy on him. Zurui walked down the dune, until he was a couple feet away from the Arrancar. He smiled at him. "Sup man?" Of course this wasn't the normal way Zurui would greet someone, but now he just wanted the battle to get started. He looked at the mans hands, he was holding a sword in one. He obviously wanted to fight. Zurui looked at his side, his sword was there.

Zurui had been with the sword for awhile now. And they had became friends. He was ready for a fight, and Asuka was bound to help him. Right when he thought about her, she shimmered into live right beside him. "A Arrancar?" It surprised Zurui to hear her only say two words. She normally would go own about how she would blow away anyone. But now she seemed worried. "Yeah, and I'm going to fight it." Zurui smiled at her. She looked at him, and smiled back. "Good luck." Right when she finished a gust of wind seemed to blow her away. Zurui grabbed the hilt of his blade, and pulled it out. He loved the sound it made, when he pulled it out. Zurui looked at the Arrancar again, and smiled. "Before we start. I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Zurui, I'm the Vice leader of the Vizards. Just throwing that in. And who might you be." Zurui would've have shaken his hand, but when he was holding a sword it wasn't that easy. "STOP BABYING HIM, GO AND DESTROY HIM!" Zurui smiled at this. His hollow was a fool. "I just might Ringo." As he finished and the thought came into his hollows thick head a laugh erupted. "MUAHHAHAHHA!" Zurui smiled, his laugh always seemed to make him smile. "OH SHUT UP RINGO!" Asuka stopped the insane laughter. Zurui's smile disappeared too. "Let Zurui decided what to do. He doesn't have to listen to a fool like you!" Some how Zurui know that anger Ringo.

"SHUT UP! YOU DON'T ORDER ME AROUND LIKE A DOG! I AM THE GREAT RINGO! SO TREAT ME LIKE I'M A GOD!" Zurui chuckled at this. Ringo was far from even being considered a god. No one like him, because he only wanted to kill. And most people want peace, not war. But Zurui didn't know what he wanted. And it would all come down to this fight. If Zurui killed the Arrancar, he could go on a killing spree. If he lost, Ringo would eat him alive. Either way Zurui would always have Askua. Zurui again smiled at the Arrancar. He wiped the sweat on his forehead. "Sorry about this, I'm not think straight." Zurui gripped the hilt of his sword tighter. Now was the time to fight this man. Now was the time to destroy him. And Now Zurui would Attack. He sprinted towards the Arrancar. And Swung his blade down on his shoulder. He missed purposelessly, and swung down on the air beside his arm. They weren't even inches apart now. " GET READY TO GO THROUGH HELL"
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Ashio vs. Zurui
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